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Disney Pixar’s Monsters University Movie: A Scaring Good Time! #MonstersUEvent

Mike Wazowski, Freshman, Monsters University


I took MJ to the Monsters University screening here in San Diego this week, we absolutely loved it! When it comes to animated films, Pixar never disappoints. This film is no exception.

Mom and kid in 3d glassesWe walked into the theater and got right in, grabbed some popcorn and an Icee from the snack bar, and took our 3D glasses right to our reserved seats. I love how Pixar decided to do a prequel instead of a sequel to the movie Monsters Inc. It’s nice to see the back story of how Mike and Sulley met and became scarers. In Monsters University, you’ll see plenty of references to their first movie, so be sure to brush up on your Monsters Inc knowledge!


The scaring story…


If you don’t know the story, the movie Monsters University sets the stage for monsters Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James “Sulley” Sullivan (John Goodman), who want to become scarers. They enter as college freshmen and are ready to take on scaring school, only they did not start out so much as friends. Sulley is a large, furry blue monster who has a rumbling roar that is inate. His family lines are known for being super scarers, so he thinks he’s got college in the bag. Scaring is almost effortless to him.


Mike, Sulley catch Fear Teach mascot, Monsters University


Mike, the small, one-eyed green ball of monster has been eager to become a scarer since grade school. He is portrayed as the little outcast kid who didn’t have any friends. Always having to prove himself, Mike resents Sulley’s  boastfully confident attitude, trying his hardest to show he, too, is scary. But he just doesn’t have the scare factor that Sulley has. They met and butted heads in the School of Scaring, but were eventually required to join forces to save their place at MU. Mike’s quest to fulfill a life long dream of scaring just might come true at Monsters University, but he’ll have to combine his ideas with Sulley’s scare tactics to make it happen!


Disney Pixar Monsters University Movie



You’ll love it!

The story was great, I love how it seamlessly flowed into the beginning of Monsters Inc. Disney Pixar definitely has a way of blending humor, action, adventure, competition, happiness and true life lessons into one great film. The animation was amazing, too! Among my favorite parts to keep an eye out for are the Scare Games, the fraternity and sorority happenings, namely the Oozma Kappa initiation, and the majestic, yet frightening Dean Hardscrabble.

Watch Mike and Sulley scare their way through freshman year at  Monsters University, coming to theaters Friday, June 21! It’s rated G and should not frighten your children at all. Go MU!


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for The Blue Umbrella, a beloved Pixar short that shows right before Monsters University begins. Loved it!


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Disclosure: I am attending all events on behalf of Disney, I received no additional compensation. Everything I share about my experience is all mine.



  • It seems like it took them forever to come out with a second Monster’s Inc movie. I’m so glad they decided to go back to beginning so that we can get a sense of how Sully and Mike became friends. Looking forward to seeing this with the kiddies!

  • This movie looks so cute. I’m prepping my husband that we’ll be watching A LOT more Disney movies in the future with the little one on the way.

    Seriously, I can’t believe how long ago the original came out either!

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