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Disney’s PLANES Soars Into Theaters: Cute Family Film! #DisneyPlanes

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Looking for a family fun film this weekend? I attended an advanced screening of the movie PLANES on behalf of Disney. Although it is needless to say how much fun Disney movies are, I feel that it is my duty to let you know that this film is no exception! This animated, adventurous comedy is sure to thrill the whole family.


Dusty Crophopper, Disney PLANES Movie


I took my 2 year old daughter, she was excited to wear her kid-sized 3D glasses and became fully intrigued as soon as the movie started. PLANES has such a cute story, Dusty Crophopper, a young single prop crop duster plane, has a fear of heights. No longer content with his fertilizer spraying activities, he decided that he wanted more in his life. Wanting to fly alongside heroic aircrafts, he enters a worldwide race, which is intended for bigger, more powerful planes. Determined, he sets out to race with an excellent team behind him, conquering fears, doubt, sabotoge and rough terrain along the way.  It’s very CARS-like, the airplanes that star in the movie have a similar look and there are even a few of the characters from the CARS movie show up here.


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He meets friends, El Chupacabara, Rochelle, and Bulldog, Bravo and Echo, all from different countries who help him along the way with friendly competition. Foes, Ripslinger and his gang, are the reigning champs of the around the world air race and use selfish tactics to be sure they remain. Threatened by Dusty’s persistence and good standing in the race, Ripslinger gets down and dirty to be sure he fails.  Dusty is being put to the test, will he overcome the odds against him?


You’ll definitely get a nice mixture of adventure, excitement, fun, fear, humor, failure and even romance. This is the perfect movie for all ages, there is a mildly scary part where Dusty is tossed into the ocean during a bad storm and goes under. My toddler was fine with this, I can’t see any kids being frightened. Enjoy an evening out at the movies with the whole family this weekend and go see PLANES!


Enjoy these PLANES printable activities for kids…


Download Race to the Finish! Activities

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Disclosure: I attended an advanced screening of the movie PLANES on behalf of Disney. All opinions are my own.



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