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DIY Lunch Box Sponge Ice Packs


As an avid Pinterest user, I often come across the greatest ideas and recipes. This one from My Kitchen Escapades is just another one of those “OMG why didn’t I ever think of that” ideas!

Behold, DIY Lunchbox Ice Packs! They are a genius idea to keep the contents of a school lunch box cold for hours. You simply grab a few sponges from your local dollar store, yes, cheap ones will do. Lightly soak them in water, squeezing them out a bit so they are not dripping. Freeze them overnight and pack in your child’s lunch box along with that yogurt, cheese, milk and any other refrigerated items. The best part: If the water starts to melt, it will be re-absorbed by the sponge! Hooray for awesome ideas!

This is quite the Simple Mom Hack for those with school aged children. Try it at home!


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