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DIY: Upcycled Frappuccino Cup Mini Planters

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The kids and I always enjoy a fun and educational project, especially when it comes to nature and the outdoors. Our latest is a product of my addiction to Starbucks and their frappuccinos. With the amount of grande and venti beverages I go through, we decided to make mini planters made with the upcycled frappuccino cups!

This was such a fun and simple project, hands on, educational, and actually pretty cute! All you need are a few items and an eager child to get started…

DIY Upcycled Frappuccino Cup Mini Planters


You'll need:

  • Assorted plastic frappuccino cups, Starbucks
  • A small bag of Miracle-Gro potting soil
  • A few small indoor plants, I chose herbs and flowers



Start by thoroughly cleaning out the frappuccino cups, allow them to dry. With a knife or other sharp object, pierce a small hole on the bottom of each cup. An adult will have to compete ths step, please do not have your child attempt this.



Put a small layer of dirt in the bottom of the cup. Then place the desired plant inside and fill with dirt around the plants roots.



You now have your first mini planter! You can plant herbs, flowers, and any other small plants that will fit in the cup. If your plants are short enough, you can put on the frappuccino lid and make a mini terrarium!



There are many more fun garden projects like these that can be done with the kids. To get a little inspiration, visit The Gro Project, where you can check out a few more project ideas and try one, or make up another of your own. 

Be sure to grab a bag of Moisture Control Potting Mix for your indoor planter project and have fun!



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