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Do You Believe?

 I do. 


Christmas tree at night


I believe in love, faith, and family, and I believe in the holidays, which embody those feelings. I believe in Santa. Not the ‘physical’ Santa, but the spirit of Christmas that Santa holds. The sentiment it brings. The remembrance. The family time. The care. The love.


My kids believe. I see it in my children’s eyes. They have such delightful little faces when they see the holiday lights, hear the sounds, and participate in the activities we hold near and dear. The season makes them want to give, as well as receive. And that, I love.


I know that one day, my kids will know the truth about Santa. They will know that I am the one who is moving the Elf on the Shelf, and that there is really no magic. I am ok with that. I want their innocence to last forever, but until then, i’ll just keep rolling with something they love so much. Just little things like these help convey the magic of Christmas.


What else do you know that could evoke such powerful feelings of love, friendship, hospitality, selflessness and care?


That’s the spirit of Christmas.


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