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These DreamWorks Trolls Movie Toys Are Out Of This World – WIN Some!

Loved the DreamWorks Trolls movie? Here’s your chance to check out some amazing DreamWorks Trolls movie toys, and possibly win some! This post is sponsored by Mirum, and these Trolls toys, apparel, bedding, and crafts are so much fun for your little one.Have you see DreamWorks Trolls with your kids? It is such a cute movie, perfect for the whole family to watch together! There are tons of ways to continue to love the characters: Poppy, Branch, Biggie, Creek, Cooper, DJ Suki, and more. Walmart has a bunch of fun DreamWorks Trolls movie toys and merchandise that kids love, so check out some of our favorites!

These DreamWorks Trolls Movie Toys Are Out Of This World!

DreamWorks Trolls movie toys and merchandise, your kids will love these fun dolls, bedding, clothing, books, and more!


dreamworks-trolls-movie-toys-boom-box-at-walmartDreamWorks Trolls Boombox

Promote musical fun with the Dreamworks Trolls Kids’ Boombox. It comes with a working microphone and allows you to play a medley of songs by connecting an MP3 player. This audio boombox is portable and features the popular Trolls character on the front. It makes a wonderful gift for any fan of the movie for a birthday or holiday.

DreamWorks Trolls movie toys, Satin and Chenille Style SetDreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille’s Style Set

Linked together by the loop of brightly colored hair they share, DreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille are the most fashion-forward members in town! It’s fun to dress these adorable twins in their glitzy, high-fashion outfits and accessories with this set. It comes with DreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille figures and removable fashions for them to wear, including earrings and shoes. Clip the ends of their colorful hair together with a barrette to join them, and style their hair with the Fuzzy Flair material. Get ready for dress-up fashion fun!

DreamWorks Trolls 6V Electric Pink Ride On CarDreamWorks Trolls 6V Speed Electric Battery-Powered Coupe Ride-On

Your little girl will love this bright and stylish six-volt Trolls Speed Coupe with rainbow graphics! This six-volt coupe is decorated with images of Trolls, rainbows and cupcakes and features a charming purple interior and shiny blue “chrome” wheels. With a top speed of 2.5 miles per hour and a working horn, the six-volt Coupe is guaranteed to make any little girl smile!

There are so many wonderful toys, activities, clothing, and bedding pieces that your little Trolls fan will love! Check out the DreamWorks Trolls movie toys and merchandise at Walmart, there are so many fun things! Make sure you enter the contest to win one of 30 Walmart gift cards, perfect to buy some of the Trolls merchandise at the store. Watch the video at the top of this post and enter below, good luck!

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