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Easy Travel and Vacation Planning with Microsoft’s OneNote #OfficeTravels

If you can’t tell by the frequent travel posts, tweets and photos, I LOVE to travel. LOVE.

This is me, in the middle, getting ready to take an adventure in Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica


Girls at Manuel Antonio National Park entrance


I have a mental bucket list so long that it’s not even written down yet. I even started another travel blog with my sister, she’s normally my partner in crime. I also travel with my family, sometimes with the kids, sometimes just the hubby. If you have ever planned a vacation, you are fully aware of the vast amounts of logistics and information you have to sift through. It can get stressful.


Microsoft OneNoteWhat if there was a virtual notebook, like something that could help plan and organize everything for you, and you could access it anywhere, even while on the go? Something to organize all of your flight itineraries, hotel reservations, passports, schedules, confirmation numbers, excursions, contact info, website links, and anything else you might need? There is, and it’s Microsoft OneNote!


Microsoft OneNote is an amazing tool that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to keep your travel plans on track.  Keep your flight and hotel confirmations in close reach. Use excel to embed a spreadsheet to keep track of your budget. Clip information from the web to add to your itinerary. Add photos, text and other information to pages within each tab. Save it to your SkyDrive to access it anywhere. With so much to remember, you can keep it all together in one place, OneNote.


Microsoft OneNote Travel, Hotels


I started to plan my dream trip to Queensland, Australia using the OneNote Travel Template. It comes complete with tabs and pages to manage the details, including research, schedule, reserve, budget, pack, remember, journal, and photos. The template is pre-filled with travel tips and hints from Travel + Leisure magazine experts on each page. Check out what I like best about the OneNote Travel notebook…


Great planning features with OneNote


  • Destination research and notes – Do research and take notes before and during your trip and save it all in one place. Save web links, screenshots and photos using the “send to OneNote” feature of things you want to do and see. Then, you can reference your notes about different places, activities, restaurants,  recalling them at any time on your SkyDrive.

Microsoft OneNote Travel, Flights

  • Access anywhere, anytime – With SkyDrive, an online storage system, you can access your OneNote notebook and all of it’s contents on any device. I have my proposed flight itinerary on the “reserve” tab, as well as a trip itinerary on the “schedule” tab, and I like that I can reference these daily as needed.
  • Collaborate with family and friends – you can give others access to your OneNote on SkyDrive and they can add their own findings and personal itineraries, keeping everything in one place. This way, everyone will be in the know of the travel plans and will be able to add their tips, ideas and suggestions.
  • Keeps reminders handy – There is no doubt that when you are traveling, you’re bound to forget something. I love the “remember” tab, which has a custom checklist of things you don’t want to forget. My top 3: insurance cards, phone and laptop chargers, and passport copies.
  • Record your travels in the journal – There is a tab for a daily journal where you can record photos and notes about your adventures of each day. There is even an audio option, this would be so cute to have the kids record their thoughts.!


Microsoft OneNote Travel, Expense Tracker


Honestly, traveling internationally requires a lot of work, especially when the whole family is involved. We are looking at Queensland, Australia for a future trip, so I love that I can gather information along the way and keep the budget intact as I research for this trip. We have a few smaller trips on the slate in the next couple of years, so when we make it back out to Walt Disney World, we can get our plans together using OneNote!



To learn more about Microsoft Office 365 and OneNote…

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Microsoft Office 365. I received Microsoft Office 365 Permium and compensation to facilitate this post. All opinions stated are my own.



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