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Eat, Exercise, Play: Make Sure The Whole Family Is Totally Taken Care of This Summer


Kids playing at the Omni La Costa pool splash pad


What’s your summer routine to make sure your family is happy and healthy? With so many different happenings, I partnered with Listerine and The Motherhood to share what we’re doing to make sure we’re totally taken care of this summer. I received LISTERINE® Brand products and a Walgreens gift card from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.



Palm trees, green leaves, warm weather: summer is officially here!


With so many different activities for each of us from day to day, we have to make sure that our families are totally taken care of. We’re going with the flow of things, enjoying life, and it’s grand. While I don’t plan to have any strict schedules outside of summer camp, here’s the end goal: staying healthy, eating right, and having fun!


Making sure everyone is totally taken care of


Honey Mint and Pineapple fruit salad served in a pineapple boat


Eat right

It is so tempting to snack, especially because there are so many fun events that have plenty of sweets! Occasional snacking is ok, but we need to be sure we’re eating our proteins, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and such on a daily basis. Summer break is no reason to fall off the horse when it comes to food. But please believe that I will have multiple s’mores at our summer BBQ and bonfire this year!


Mother and son swimming in the pool


Get plenty of exercise

Summer days are the perfect ones to get active, we take full advantage of the warm weather and go outside! You’ve got to keep the whole family active, so plan to enjoy plenty of activities together. Hiking, biking, swimming, playground days, beach volleyball, or even just a brisk jog at dusk keeps everyone moving. Strive for an hour a day, play is the best way to stay fit while having fun!


LISTERINE Oral Care Products


Continue healthy habits

Just because we’re not waking up super early for school doesn’t mean we should change all of our daily habits. In addition to the healthy eating and exercise points above, our day to day personal care habits at home will remain. Keeping up with hygiene and grooming, applying sunscreen, brushing our teeth morning and night, and rinsing with Listerine® Total Care mouthwash to make sure we’re totally taken care of. Listerine® fights cavities, kills germs, and strengthens teeth, taking care of spots we might have missed while brushing.


Enjoy summer, have fun!



We have so many fun things coming, pool and beach days, summer camps, sports, vacations, whooo! Remember, Listerine® Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash and all of the rest of the summer essentials you need can be picked up at Walgreens. They have everything you need to make sure your family is totally taken care of. Eat right, exercise, and go out and PLAY!


How do you keep your family on track during the summer?


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