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Educating The Whole Child: Promoting Lifelong Health and Wellness

Educating the whole child is very important to promote lifelong health and wellness. This post was sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Educating The Whole Child - Promoting Lifelong Health and Wellness, teach children and teens to make positive choices now for a healthy lifestyle

We all want our children to grow up to be successful, happy, problem solving, loving, positive little human beings. Don’t we? We must work hard to ensure a positive environment for our kids now, so that they are prepared for the real world. How can we teach our children to be thinkers who make good lifestyle choices, who are open minded, accepting of differences, and community builders with positive self worth? By educating the whole child.

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The Boys & Girls Club, Anthem Blue Cross Foundation, and the Coca-Cola Company have partnered to create Triple Play, a comprehensive wellness program that demonstrates healthy habits for kids and teens. This is a leading health and wellness program that is supported at Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide, and prepares our youth for their future. Healthy eating and exercise are important, but there are many more steps to leading a healthy lifestyle. We need to focus on every child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development, and try our best to focus on educating the whole child, starting at a young age. I am so glad that they offer this program!

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Educating The Whole Child: Promoting Lifelong Health and Wellness

We all want to make sure we’re promoting lifelong wellness for our kids, and it’s actually not that hard to do! With a little bit of planning, you can make sure your kids learn to lead positive lifestyles as young children, teens, and follow them through adulthood. In order to make sure they are educating the whole child, the Boys & Girls Club focuses on the following Triple Play:

Mind – Promotes healthy living and active learning in all aspects of life. Whether they’re playing in the gym, doing arts and crafts, or working in the learning center, kids learn how to create healthy habits and are required to think about their choices.

Body – The Boys & Girls Club promotes physical wellness, offering various sports and physical fitness activities that challenge kids to push themselves to a higher level. they provide daily fitness challenges for all ages and athletic abilities.

Soul – Creating positive relationships and healthy self esteem is fostered in the social connections that the Boys & Girls Club offers. Kids learn to deal with averse situations, practice various problem solving skills, and build long lasting friendships that foster positive self worth and make them feel happy and loved!

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Educating the whole child – next steps to take

Educating the whole child is important, and the Boys & Girls Club’s Triple Play program key mantra is a good way to get started with your kids: Say aloud, “I FEEL BETTER WHEN” and have the whole family contribute an answer! This encourages children to think about making small behavioral changes in their daily lives that have a long lasting effect. Join the Boys & Girls Club’s efforts to mold your child’s successful future!

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To learn more about the Triple Play program, visit their website and follow along with the Boys & Girls Club on Facebook and Twitter!

How do you focus on educating the whole child for a healthy lifestyle?

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