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Education, Exercise & Breakfast May Help Teens Lose Weight

We want the best for our children.

teen girl drinking water exerciseTotal family health and wellness are a huge part of a parents responsibility, I want to stay on top of it as we grow. When it comes to food, keeping a healthy frame is as simple as calories in = calories out, but becomes much easier said than done. I, too, indulge in the variety of delicious cookies, chips and candies that are available. It’s ok to treat yourself, but we’ve got to make it a point to teach our kids proper nutrition at a very young age and stick with it.

Did you know that kids in their adolescence are the most likely to skip breakfast? I sure did when I was younger. Kellogg’s shared a study, found in the Journal of Adolescent Health, showing that having a nutritious cereal breakfast with exercise and nutrition education can help adolescents lose weight and maintain for at least 2 years.

A 6-month study was conducted on adolescents between the ages of 10 – 14 years old. They were offered cereal for breakfast each morning, a healthy snack before leaving school each day, exercised 4 times per week, and received nutrition education once weekly.  At the end of the study, the group of teens collectively lowered their body mass index and kept the weight down in comparison to their peers.

Kelloggs Rice Krispies cereal with fruitThe nutrients in our foods are the driving forces of our bodies. Eat well, perform well. Excessive fats, sugars, sodium, oils and other empty calories build up, making your body gain weight. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fiber are necessary, and they can easily be served for breakfast in the form of cereal, fruit and milk. A favorite of mine is Kellogg’s Cinnamon Almond Raisin Bran with blueberries and a splash of milk. Or a bowl of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies with strawberries. Snap, Crackle, POP! I love them at any time of the day.

I was one of those teens that skipped out on breakfast all too often. I remember what I used to do when I would get home from school: heat up a frozen pizza or burrito, grab some cookies, a soda, and sit on the couch. For hours. I assume that healthier people have more motivation to live active lives. We will be keeping the Mother’s animal cookies, Cheez-Its and Nutri Grain bars in the pantry, but eating them sparingly. Together, exercise, nutrition and education are the keys to success. Be sure to start your day with a healthy breakfast!


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Disclosure: Myself and other bloggers are partnering with Kellogg’s for the Champions of Great Starts program for 2013. Although compensated, all opinions expressed are my own.



  • My 15 yr. old son and 17 yr. old daughter are so bad about skipping breakfast or lunch during the school year. They have to get up so early for school (5:30) and they just don’t want to eat then. It’s a real problem and I have vowed to change that this year. I’ve been trying to come up with some quick and creative breakfast and lunch ideas that i will be able to get them to eat.

    • I have realized that it is easy to prepare some stuff the night before. Make some bacon and warm it up in the morning while you pour cereal or quickly scramble an egg. Pre wash and slice fruit. Oatmeal is a good choice, too.

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