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3 Awesome Family Activities In Gulf County, Florida To Make A Fall Season Tradition!


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photo: GCFL Tourism Board

photo: Gulf County Florida Tourism


I don’t know about you all, but I am so happy that it’s finally FALL! The excessive heat was getting pretty old and I love that we’re all cooling off. I am also excited to take part in some of the Fall family traditions that we already do – such as apple picking and pumpkin carving – and hopefully create a few new ones!


image: Gulf County Florida Tourism

image: Gulf County Florida Tourism


If you’re an adventurous family that is looking for a fun activity tradition to embark on, I think I have something you’ll love. Gulf County is an easy Fall escape that has something wonderful at every turn! If it’s already super cold where you live, the weather in Florida is still warm enough to do some great outdoor activities. The Gulf County Adventure Guide has a bunch of great ideas, whether you think you’d like to fish, go camping, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, or just escape to a beach, this is the place to go out and explore! Here are a few of my favorites…


3 Awesome Family Activities In Gulf County, Florida


Sunset over the water in Gulf County, Florida

image: Gulf County Florida Tourism


Enjoy a sunset cruise with Seahorse Water Safari

Now this sounds awesome! There’s truly nothing like watching an evening sunset, and what better way to get closer than on the water with a cruise? Seahorse Water Safari offers cruises at sunset that I would just love to take my family on, what a wonderful way to create memories!


Explore the beautiful beaches and 43 miles of shoreline

There are so many beach activities that I want to try with my family that we’d need a few extra days to accomplish them all! Taking a bike ride along the trails on the coast of Cape San Blas, and shelling at the shores of St. Joseph Bay sound pretty neat. I would also like my kids to try snorkeling for the first time, which I think they’ll love!


Nesting turtle watching patrol on the beach

Life is such a precious gift, and I think it would be quite the educational experience for us to see baby sea turtles nesting in the shores of North Florida. A tour guide will take a very small group to look for signs of nesting, allowing tourists to be take part in protecting each loggerhead turtle site found. Seeing the turtles eggs in their camouflaged nests, and perhaps a turtle hatching would make the vacation!


Baby turtle, Gulf County, Florida

image: Gulf County Florida Tourism


No matter what your Fall season entails, make time to take part in some adventures that you love. Family traditions are some of the most important life moments of togetherness, creating lasting memories. Discover. Connect. Love. Play. Start living, the Gulf County way!

Gulf County wants to celebrate families who make every day moments through outdoor play! They’re giving away $50 gift cards to help you have a fun local adventure in your own town! Click the image above to enter and use the funds for whatever your heart desires, there will be 10 winners per week through October 25th. Good luck to you all!


Make family memories through adventure in Gulf County, FL!


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