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Family Christmas Craft: Our Gingerbread House

Just wanted to write a quick post to share our gingerbread house we made last night. MJ had a blast! I wanted to go and buy all of the ingredients to make one from scratch, but I just didn’t have much time, and Target made it so easy with their premade gingerbread house kit. It came with everything!

We started with the base of the house. Mommy piped frosting into the bottom and along the sides of the walls so they would stick together.

MJ placed the two roof panels on and let them set in the frosting for 15 minutes [against his will, he simply couldn’t wait and wanted to put on the candy NOW!]

We decorated the house with the colorful gum balls, gummies, sweet tarts and candy canes. Here’s the master at work, decorating the side of the house.


The Proud Contractor stands by his work
[thank his Architect for the amazing frosting placements :)]

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