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Family Game Night with Hasbro, Toys R Us & Duracell! {Giveaway}



My husband and I are big fans of board games. We used to play all the time, just the two of us. We love getting together with friends to play Hasbro’s Taboo—it’s impossible not to have fun while playing that! Since our boys came along, we’ve gotten out of the habit, and I miss the fun conversations and friendly competition that occur over a colorful board game.

I was excited when Toys “R” Us and Hasbro were kind enough to send us a few games for review along with Duracell batteries to power them up! I think it’s time Family Game Night was reinstated around here—or Family Game Afternoon or Family Game Breakfast, whatever works for our schedule from week to week. This week, my husband is out of town, so I sat down with my boys one evening and introduced them to Simon, a classic from my childhood.


Hasbro-Family-Game-Night Kids Playing Simon


Since my oldest is only 4 and my youngest is not quite 2, we haven’t tried out many board games with them yet. But I stuck some Duracell batteries into Simon, and we had a lot of fun trying to copy what Simon said! The 2 year old just liked the colorful lights and fun noises, but the 4 year old really got into trying to copy the game. He would recite the colors as they lit up and then very carefully try to duplicate the sequence. He only got about 4 colors in a row, but I think that’s pretty good for a little guy! And of course, because he’s my silly boy, he had to make silly faces while playing it.




Since our game night, I’ve left Simon out for him to play, and he’s been playing it a lot. Duracell Quantum keeps it powered with their Hi-Density Core Technology for long-lasting battery life along with it’s Power Preserve technology which is guaranteed for 10 years in storage. And I can instantly check the battery’s power level with PowerCheck so I know when I need to pick up some more. I always try to remember to grab some whenever I’m at Toys ‘R Us. Seems like everything needs batteries these days. Once my husband gets home from his work trip, I think we’ll sit down and try to teach Donovan another classic Hasbro game—Candy Land! He got it for Christmas, but we haven’t broken it out yet.




Win A Toys R Us Duracell Batteries Prize Pack!


I’m really happy that Toys “R” Us and Hasbro took the time to remind me how much fun Family Game Night can be!It’s such a great way to get off the electronics and all focus in on one activity to spend real time together. Toys “R” Us and Hasbro would also like to offer one of mommyGAGA’s readers a chance to create a fun Family Game Night for themselves! Enter below to win a $50 Toys “R” Us Gift Card and Duracell Quantum Batteries to keep your games powered up!


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This review was written by contributing author Sarah Van Pelt. When she’s not writing at her own blog, The Education of A Stay At Home Mom, she is tending to her two young boys, her husband and her household and loving it! She is still in the process of learning what it means to be a stay at home mom, follow along with her parenting trials!


Duracell sent over some products for review, batteries and a gift card.  All opinions are held by the writer and are not influenced in any way.


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