Flat Tires Are No Fun: Keep Tire Safety First This Spring With Cooper Tires!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tires. All opinions are 100% mine.


What is one of the top 5 worst things that can happen while driving? I’d say, second to getting in an accident, that a flat tire easily makes the list. I’ve had a handful of flats in my day, but the worst by far was when the whole family was in the car!




Luckily, in many situations, flat tires can be prevented. Sure, you can’t see nails and other debris in the road, but truth be told, many cars blow their tires when the tread is worn out. To keep safety first, all vehicles must get new tires every so often, maximizing road traction, gas mileage, and a better vehicle performance all around.




Cooper Tire, an American manufacturer of auto, truck, motorcycle, and racing tires, knows what it takes to keep the tires on your vehicle safe. Driving throughout the harsh winter definitely puts the wear and tear on your tires, and they want to be sure you’re well equipped, so they are having a Cooper Tire Spring Event!


Cooper Tire Spring Event: Here’s the deal:


  • Spring is here, and you can’t avoid the rainy season. Cooper Tire offers quality tires for many different vehicles, at affordable prices.
  • This Spring, until April 15th, Cooper Tire is offering a Visa gift card up to $70 with the purchase of a set of (4) tires at participating dealers. New, safe tires, and an additional $70 perk? Yes, please!
  • They’ve introduced a specially made performance tire for SUV and CUV vehicles, the Discoverer SRX. There are 30 sizes, fitting many car models with innovation in mind, and Cooper Tire offers a 65,000 mile Tread Wear Protection Warranty on this tire!




The Discoverer SRX tire has a Wear Square, Cooper Tire’s exclusive visual tread wear indicator. The Wear Square hits 6 points around the tire for reference, starting off in a complete square and shrinking down to an exclamation point as the tread gets lower. This is perfect for busy parents, no guess work or false diagnosis here, you can actually see for yourself when it’s time to get new tires!




Look,no matter where life takes you, take the safe route and stop by a Cooper Tire dealer to have your tires checked (Dealer Locator). Vehicle safety is so important, especially when the whole family is in tow, don’t wait until it’s too late! I have a CUV (cross-over utility vehicle) and I may have to look into getting a set of Discoverer SRX tires!


Drive safe, arrive happy!



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