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Football and Family: My All American Movie Is Coming Out November 13! Nominate your All American for a Chance to Win a Trip to the Hollywood Premiere!


My All American movie is coming out and it is wonderful! I am partnering with SocialMoms in a sponsored campaign to share information about the movie and the chance to win a trip to Hollywood for the My All American movie! Opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


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Courage. Determination. Integrity. Those are the¬†descriptive words that would describe Freddie Steinmark in the movie My All American. Written and directed by Angelo Pizzo and inspired by Pizzo’s previous big films RUDY and¬†HOOSIERS,¬†I got the chance to preview the film My All American, which is a great football-centered movie all about the hard work, perseverance and keeping a positive attitude in any situation life throws your way – this is truly a must see family film!


Based on a true story, Steinmark’s natural passion and love for football leads him to trying his absolute hardest to play. He’s typically too small by standard, being seen as an underdog in the sport. Steinmark trained hard with his father and fought hard on the field in high school and got noticed by some college coaches. He earned a scholarship at the University of Texas, went through a exhausting training and practice schedule with the team, and ultimately did well as the team was climbing up the ranks in college football. An injury on the field leads to a life changing event that would be Steinmark’s biggest trial¬†yet.


Me and Dad

I am inspired by Freddie’s story, he really seems he persevered against all odds and I think that this is a great story to teach our kids. A true champion works hard to accomplish a goal, no matter what’s thrown their way.

I actually have my own All American hero to nominate, it’s my Dad. He was diagnosed with a lung disease called Sarcoidosis, which affects the use of his major organs, and was given 3 – 6 months to live. Apparently, he was misdiagnosed in past years, so he was quite far along with the process when he heard his fate. This did not stop him from living his life to the fullest, he took care of himself, did the things he loved, was present for his family and ended up living 10 more years, much longer than he was supposed to!


Watch the My All American movie trailer below, a little serious, a little humorous, and super inspiring.



Nominate your hero and win a trip to the Hollywood Premiere of My All American!


Visit the My All American nomination page here and submit your personal hero and enter for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood to the My All American movie premiere in November!


Mark your calendars and get the family together, My All American is out in theaters November 13th! We loved it, my son is just getting into football himself, so he was totally into this movie! It’s a great family film to watch, discuss, laugh and bond together. Follow along with My All American on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates!


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