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Free Printable Valentine Cards, Valentines Day Coloring Pages and More

Looking for Valentine’s day fun? How about these free printable Valentine cards, Valentines Day coloring pages and more? No need to buy any at the store this year, make this a fun and frugal project. Whether you are looking for Valentine’s for classmates, teachers friends, or other loved ones, there are a ton of freebies here!

Free Printable Valentine Cards, Valentines Day Coloring Pages and More!

Free Printable Valentine Cards, Valentines Day Coloring Pages and More

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Printable Valentine Cards: Make Your Own

Free printable Pokemon Valentine’s Day Cards: These cute character cards look like they’re holding lollipops! print them out free and stick the lollipops in yourself. So fun for the kids!

Valentine’s Treat Cards: Create cute Valentine’s with these cut-n-create printables. Can be used as cards, treat holders, for scrapbooks, etc.

Free Froggie Valentine’s Classroom Pack Project: Forget the pre-made, boxed Valentine cards, make these! Print out froggie cupcake toppers, cupcake wraps, a sweet heart shaped tic-tac-toe game to use as a favor for friends, and a ziploc sized favor bag topper. Print and put them together with the kiddos!

Light Saber Star Wars Valentines – Print out this awesome Valentine’s day idea, all you need are some bracelet sized glow stick and you’re ready for some Star Wars fun! There are great to pass out at school.

Secret Life of Pets Valentine's Day printable cards

Secret Life of Pets movie Printable Valentine cards – How fun are these printable Valentines from the movie Secret Life of Pets? Featuring your favorite animals characters from the movie, these are so fun to pass out at school to classmates!

Free Cowboy, Airplane and Cupcake Valentines: Very cute, designed by a fellow mom blogger! Just sign each one and go!

Free “Love” Printable Tags: For gifts, scrap booking or other uses.

Various Printable Valentine’s Day Cards: Pop-up cards, card holders, patterns, sticker kits and more from Family Fun.

Cute DIY Valentine's Day Gift - Photo Heart Chocolate Boxes

Valentine’s Day Game Ideas (from Family Fun):

Cupid’s Tree Scavenger Hunt – Create a Cupid Tree centerpiece and add scavenger hunt clues to each branch. Once the last item is found, have Valentine’s goodies or prizes under the tree.

Who Said That Game – Make up fun, anonymous Valentine letters and make them guess who it could be from. You can use popular cartoon characters, family members, or anyone that has guessable traits.

Steal My Heart Game – Using only chopsticks, remove the conversation hearts from a bowl or plate as fast as you can until time is up. The one with the most hearts wins!

Free Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Note: To print, click the image to zoom/blow it up and do a print preview to see that it fits the page. If not, zoom in or out as necessary.

Angry Birds Printable Valentine's Day coloring pages Valentines Day Coloring Pages Printable Free Coloring Pages intended for The Awesome in addition to Lovely Printable Valentines Day Coloring Pages intended for Your house Mickey Mouse Valentine's Day coloring pages
fancy heart valentine's day coloring pages Minnie Mouse Valentine's Day coloring pagesTigger Valentines day coloring page
I love you printable Valentine's day coloring pagesfree sesame street elmo valentines day coloring page

Valentine’s Day Treats

How to Make Cake Pops – Check out a basic cake pops recipe, tips on how to make cake pops and some cool cake pop ideas.

Valentine’s Day Rice Krispies Treats Hearts – If sweets are the way to their heart, make these tasty Rice Krispies treat hearts! Dipped in chocolate and rolled in a Valentine’s day sprinkle mix, these taste just as good as they look!

How to Make Marshmallow Pops – A simple yet fun Valentine’s Day treat, no baking required! You’ll melt some chocolate and dip those marshmallows away!

Valentine’s Day Treat Pockets – A fun and cute craft that can be filled with Valentine’s Day treats! Give these out to classmates or hang them around as Valentine’s Day decorations.

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