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Fun and Excitement On The Set of The LEGO® Movie Event, Legoland California!

This weekend… ohmygoodness!


The LEGO Movie


We had quite the eventful two days, gymnastics for girly girl, baseball practice for MJ, their cousins birthday party at the skating rink, but that’s not all…


The LEGO Movie press junket all access badge


I got to spend the weekend at Legoland California to celebrate the premiere of The LEGO Movie! This exclusive press junket was an invite only affair, allowing us to preview the film, get an inside look at the set and the making of The LEGO Movie, interview the cast (!!!), and enjoy Legoland Park. My family got the chance to attend an advanced screening, I have to wait to review the film for y’all, so all I can say is OMG. Anywho, check out the awesome time we had at the event, the whole thing is still mind blowing!


Deanna Underwood at the set of The LEGO Movie, Legoland California


Here’s the LEGO city that Master Builders built, the scene that actually appears in the movie! According to the Warner Brothers LEGO team, The LEGO Movie set took over 2000 hours and 1.5 million LEGO bricks to create.


Master Builders built the LEGO city in The LEGO Movie

LEGO model of the city in The LEGO Movie

LEGO City, Set from The LEGO Movie

Krazy Glue on the set of The LEGO Movie

Emmett and WyleStyle on the double decker couch, The LEGO Movie


We got a chance to interview the cast, producers and writers of The LEGO Movie. It was pretty awesome to be able to ask Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, and Elizabeth Banks whatever we wanted to know about the film.


Interview cast on the LEGO movie set

Parenting and lifestyle bloggers got a chance at an exclusive interview with Elizabeth Banks. She’s got two boys of her own and is pretty realistic when it comes to parenting them. She was also effortlessly hilarious!

Interviewing Elizabeth Banks, The LEGO Movie

My family had a blast, we got to experience Legoland Park after the press junket and saw a bunch of LEGO man characters!

Family with Knight LEGO man at Legoland California

At the park entrance, we ran into Emmett and WyldStyle, the stars of The LEGO Movie. I can’t wait until y’all can see it!

Emmett and WyldStyle at Legoland California

A huge thanks goes out to the Warner Brothers team and to Legoland for the hospitality, we truly had a great time! Stay tuned for my review of The LEGO Movie, coming soon to theaters in 3D, February 7th!

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