Smacked With The Flu? Here’s 5 Tips To Get Through

Well, I guess this time of year is when it happens. Our whole family has been taken down by the flu. Similar to this time last year, we have all been hit, one by one. The first casualty: Me. The nose turned on like a faucet and the sneezing and coughing commenced. From there, it spread like wild fire. MJ. Mari. My mother in law. Then the hubs. But his was all inclusive, adding a stomach ache, fever and nausea!

It’s so difficult to function when your sick, especially when everyone else is sick, too. Preparing meals, keeping the home running and caring for two sick little ones is draining enough in itself. I had to get myself together, there’s no calling in sick when you’re a mom. Here’s what I found to be helpful for both myself and my kids.

5 Sick Day Essentials

  • Hot tea. Decaffeinated, with a little honey. It is warm and soothing, and honey is a natural antiseptic that can cease bacterial growth.
  • DayQuil. Because NyQuil will knock you out. You need to be somewhat productive, right? It knocks out cold and flu symptoms, I took one dose, it lasted through the afternoon.
  • Take a nap. Once the kids lie down for theirs, be sure to get a nap for yourself, too! The dishes can wait.
  • Get outside. There’s nothing like fresh air. Head to the park. Take a walk. Get up, get out and get your mind off of the sickies. Be sure to take the Puffs facial tissues with you!
  • A steamy shower. After all is done for the day, soothe your soul [and your stuffy head] with a hot and steamy shower. It really clears up your head and un-junks your nose.

I know that the show must go on, so I am truly thankful for comfort and medication!

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Get well soon!


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