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Getting The Kids In On The Cleaning Fun!

Younger kids have a tendency to enjoy helping out with the household duties. My little’s love to help get the laundry going, vacuum small areas, and even wipe down mirrors, counters and the dining table!

I love that my children want to help, but I don’t want them inhaling harsh chemicals that many cleaners have. A safe and non-toxic cleaner option, Method’s All Purpose Cleaner Spray, holds the following:


•Cutting-edge Powergreen technology gives you safe, effective cleaning for all surfaces. The non-toxic, naturally-derived formula, extracted from corn and coconut, cuts through grease and grime, leaving behind nothing but a fresh scent and gleaming surfaces.

•Method All Purpose Cleaner spray is available in a 28 oz. bottle and retails for around $3.99. It comes in a variety of fresh fragrances, including Clementine, Cucumber, French Lavender and Pink Grapefruit. You can also find two additional fragrances exclusively at natural food stores (such as Whole Foods Market), which are White Rosemary and Ginger Yuzu.

•Method All Purpose Cleaner comes in bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are recyclable


Not only are my kids able to clean up their own messes (our dining table was a disaster after they ate ice cream last night), but they can assist with the kitchen, bathroom, and living room duties as well.


So, how can you get your kids to help?

Assign tasks. Provide incentive. Make it a requirement, a part of their daily to-do. No matter what age they are, or whether or not they are willing to clean, they can do so safely. What a great way to show that they are a contributing part of the family!

Give Method’s All Purpose Cleaner Spray a try today! When you purchase Method’s all-purpose cleaner through, use the coupon code APCBLOG at the checkout to receive $1.00 off your online order. Method products are also available at Target, Kroger stores, Safeway stores, and more.


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Disclosure: Thanks to Method for sponsoring today’s discussion, I was able to share our thoughts on our kids helping with the household cleaning routine. All opinions are my own.



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