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Girls Night Out: Loved The Best Man Holiday Movie!

Ladies: every woman needs a little fun, laughs with friends, and a shoulder to lean on. Girls Night Out it is!


The-Best-Man-Holiday Movie


After some happy hour appetizers and drinks, my friends all hit the theater to catch a screening of The Best Man Holiday. I was pretty hyped to get out of the house and get away from laundry, there’s so much to do, I am hoping it disappears!


Girls Night Out Best Man Holiday Movie


I was particularly excited about The Best Man Holiday movie coming out, there haven’t been many realistic love, rival and romantic comedies. It has been about 15 years and this sequel was long overdue! Starring the original cast, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan, Terrance Howard and more, all of my girls agree that this movie did not disappoint. It was everything I loved about the first movie and more!


Best Man Holiday Movie, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan


At the beginning of the film, you’ll see a reprise of the first Best Man movie. College friends get together for a wedding, where plenty of fun, drama, rekindling of friendships and scandal ensues. The Best Man Holiday is a great follow up with each of the original characters in their roles, each focusing on their own careers and family life. It touches on topics such as finances, health, loyalty, and children, which are concerns that many families face today. Lance and his wife Mia have a Christmas get together, it’s been forever since they’ve all been together. I don’t want to say too much and ruin the movie for you, but just know that they go through tough times, rekindle old flames, trudge through heartache, and have an insanely great time!


One of my favorite scenes, a holiday performance by the fellas…


The Best an Holiday cast, men perform song and dance, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terrance Howard, Harrold Perrineau


You’ve gotta grab a group of your friends and go see this movie! Brace yourself for plenty of laughs, awwww moments and tears to be had. See what happens when these friends get back together. Will there be a happy ending, or will more scandal, ensue? I love how everyone really took to their roles, there is someone I know like each of them in real life, and Howard’s comedic timing is perfect! It is being released at a great time, the spirit of Christmas evokes so many feelings and it fits perfectly with the story line of the film. This movie is Rated R, so please do’t bring your kids. Yes, people did this at the screening I went to and they saw and heard plenty of adult themes they should not have. My opinion!


Thanks to Universal Pictures for sending us to the advanced screening and for the fun Best Man Holiday Girls Night Out kit! Note: Please keep your eyes peels for a shirtless Morris Chestnut scene. YUM!


Watch the trailer:



The Best Man Holiday is out in theaters November 15, 2013!


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Thanks to Universal Pictures for sending me and my girls to see The Best Man Holiday. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own. Images courtesy of Universal Pictures.


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