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Her Favorite Shirt: Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas and Ways To Style Them!

What do you do when your child wants to wear the same shirt every day? You style it in different ways! I am sharing my daughters favorite girls t-shirt outfit ideas and how to keep her white cotton t-shirt looking brand new! Thanks to Clorox and Cotton for sponsoring this post! #ad

Her Favorite Shirt - Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas and Ways To Style Them!

I tested this shirt for color fastness, the colored emblem on the shirt is made of a puffy paint material so I am glad that I can keep this shirt clean and odor free with Clorox® Regular-Bleach! Make sure you test your clothes for color fastness before bleaching!

My daughter is officially of elementary school age, which means she is more vocal and independent with her choices. She is in a phase where she wants to pick and choose her outfits, and she ends up picking out the same white t-shirt EVERY. DAY.

Clorox® Regular-Bleach works great on your laundry, it fights stains, kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria, and keeps those whites bright!

I don’t want her to wear the same thing every day, and I also don’t want to have her cute white tank top turn a dingy not-so-white color after so many washes and stains. In order to compromise a bit, we’ve discussed and I have decided that she can wear the shirt once per week with a new outfit. Challenge accepted! It’s actually pretty easy to style a white cotton t-shirt, and I was able to keep her tee clean, odorless, and bright white with Clorox┬« Regular-Bleach! Here are the 4 cute, comfortable looks that we came up with, perfect for school, sports, the weekend, and anywhere she goes!

4 Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas and Ways To Style The Same Shirt

Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas - School day ready

Week 1. School day ready

This outfit was put together entirely by my daughter. She is very comfortable in leggings and sneakers, so these cute black and white striped pants work well with her hot pink lace up kicks!

Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas, sweet and sporty

Week 2. Sweet and Sporty

My girl is quite the active one, so when she’s running, jumping, climbing, and playing, her blue tie-dyed active pants and running shoes go well with this tank. She can throw on a hoodie on colder days and be set. Oh, and hello pretty blue hairband to match! 

Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas, girly skirt chic

Week 3. Girly Skirt Chic

This is one of my personal favorite girls t-shirt outfit ideas! I love cute patterns, and the hearts on this skirt match so well with the big heart on her white cotton shirt. I love that this skirt has shorts underneath, that way my daughter doesn’t feel self conscious or limited while moving around and being herself. Can you tell yet that blue is her favorite color?

Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas, comfy casual

Week 4. Comfy Casual

These pink cotton pants and knitted blue hoodie complement her white t-shirt so well! All of the colors match, and these pieces are perfect for her. Comfort is key, she can wear this outfit anywhere, look cute, and feel free to move. 

How did I keep this white shirt so clean every week?

We all know that we can use Clorox┬« Regular-Bleach to fight those stains that mess up a perfectly good white cotton t-shirt, but it also fights odor and sanitizes every load of your bleachable laundry! Sweat is absorbed from from the body into the t-shirt, and the bleach works by killing 99.9% of the odor-causing bacteria on your clothes. Cotton is a super comfortable, natural fabric that releases odors and can be cleaned much better that the others. Mix 1/2 cup of Clorox┬« Regular-Bleach into your standard washing machine (1 cup for large machines) – make sure you sort your clothes first to avoid bleaching your colors! When you add Clorox┬« Regular-Bleach to your white load, it will clean and disinfect your white clothes and your washer at the same time!

Girls T-Shirt Outfit Ideas, sweet and sporty look

I realized that there is no point in fighting a strong willed child on their wardrobe choices. Wearing the same t-shirt actually makes it less stressful for me to help get her dressed in the morning! No complaints, no whining, nothing, because she’s wearing a clean, odorless, white cotton t-shirt that she LOVES. I approve!

I hope you loved these girls t-shirt outfit ideas! To learn more about Clorox┬« Regular-Bleach and Cotton Incorporated, visit their website and follow along with Clorox on Twitter and Facebook! Please make sure you test your clothes for color fastness before bleaching.

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