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Giving The Gift Of Sleep For Mom and Dad With Pampers!

I absolutely LOVE the spirit of giving.

I adore the holidays, this is such a great time of year to connect with family, give, love, and share moments with those that are important in our lives. Christmas is always my favorite time of year, but this year, it was extra special.




All parents know that a restful sleep is super important for baby, but what about us? What about the moms, dads, and caregivers who stay up at all hours feeding, diapering, and rocking little ones to sleep? It’s tough to be a good mom during the day when you are dead tired and worn out! Pampers has teamed up with us here at mommyGAGA to give the Gift of Sleep to a lucky family of my choosing, I just love helping others!


To give the Gift of Sleep, I decided to choose a family that is close to my heart. My cousin and his girlfriend have a 1 year old daughter and just welcomed a brand new baby boy into the world last month. Dad is the only one working, and they are living in her mother’s house. Times have been tough. I just knew that they could catch a break, not just financially, but physically, too! I decided that mom, dad, toddler and baby could use some diapers, and some SLEEP!



Pampers diapers stocked in the trunk of a car


Here’s how I gave the Gift of Sleep…


Motorola Video Baby MonitorI hit up Target and bought a bunch of Pampers diapers, wipes and sleepers in various sizes for both baby and toddler. See the photo above, this was only half of the diapers I bought! I adore Pampers Swaddlers, they are pretty much the softest diaper ever. I was so glad when they decided to make them in larger sizes! I also got some Cruisers and Baby Dry diapers so they could try them all out.In addition, I got them a video baby monitor, so mom and dad can check on the baby visually without having to get up each and every time they hear a whimper. Where were these back in 2007?


Since mom and dad need some well deserved rest, they got a Hilton Hotel gift card for a 2 night stay at any Hilton property of their choice! All they have to do is get a babysitter and they are well on their way to some good sleep!


I am truly grateful for the relationship I have with the Pampers brand, it is such a great deed to be able to help out others who we know need it most! I have been able to do so many great things with their help. My cousin and his girlfriend were equally grateful, they have their hands full and need all of the help they can get. Thank you so much, Pampers, for allowing me to share such a special gift with my family, the Gift of Sleep!


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  • Yes, diapers are one the best gifts as one needs tons of it. Be careful of size. My baby deedee sleep nest is best gift I’ve received so far. A sleep saver on our house. This has become our no. one baby shower gift and we appreciate those lovely thankyou notes from first time parents.

  • I love pampers especially for a newborn. With my youngest son, I loved that the diapers had a strip down the middle that changed color when he was wet. I never had to take off his diaper just to see if he was wet. It made diaper changes easier. If your a mom, you probably know that most babies don’t like the cold air hitting their bottom. In fact, most of the time it makes them pee.

    This is a great gift and I highly recommend these diapers. I agree I wish that I had a video monitor for my youngest son. He likes to talk and play in his crib and I think it would be fun to peek in on him. I have one of those cheap baby monitors that only broadcasts noises.

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