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5 Reasons You Should NOT See The LEGO® Movie

You know how you hear SO much hype about a film that you kinda get skeptical? Like, why is everyone talking about something being so great that hasn’t even hit theaters yet?


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I kinda felt this way about The LEGO® Movie. Sure I loved playing with LEGO’s as a child, but a movie 15-some-odd years later? What could possibly happen with LEGO’s in a 100 minute, big screen film?

Well, I am here to set the record straight, once and for all, to help you determine if you should NOT see this movie. I went to a screening of the film and to a press event for the movie at Legoland, California, so I know what i’m talking about. It’s out TODAY (2/7), so read on and decide if you should head to the theater…


The LEGO Movie


5 Reasons You Should NOT See The LEGO® Movie


1. A reminder of your LEGO filled childhood

Remember when you used to play with LEGO’s as a child? Did you have a love for cartoons, popular figures and heroes growing up, such as Superman, The Ninja Turtles, Wonder Woman, Batman, or even Abraham Lincoln? The movie is full of references to these sorts of things that bring about nostalgic feelings and memories of home, family, and love. If you are not a fan of LEGO inspired humor, pop culture, and if you don’t find it amazing to see your kids playing with the same toys and making the same memories you grew up on, stay home.




2. Everything is awesome

And it is. This is the catchy, unforgettable theme song of the film. And you will sing it for days. The LEGO dudes and dudettes in this movie are generally happy. They work and live in awesomely detailed LEGO buildings, drive awesome LEGO cars and space shuttles, and have plenty of awesome fun. Emmett, the movies main character, ends up being the “chosen” one to stop President Business’ destroying tactics and save the world. If you have no interest in people fighting for what they believe in and overall happiness of humanity itself, this is a no go.


3. Evokes plenty of comedic laughs

There are plenty of  cheesy jokes and clever puns, which appropriate for kids and adults of all ages. The humor and fun work so that everyone can understand and enjoy. If you are not interested in laughing uncontrollably, or dealing with other humans in the theater laughing loudly around you, this is not the movie for you.




4.  It’s full of adventure, action and explosions

There are mild fights, speedy chase scenes, dips into the ocean with a LEGO submarine, fiery explosions, villainous takeovers, flights on the Batmobile, and the like. Emmett and his crew go through everything you can imagine to get the “piece of resistance” to the appropriate spot, which would save the people of the LEGO city. The proper handling this type of action is required, wouldn’t want you to have any bad dreams.




5. It shows great similarities between the LEGO world and the real world

The LEGO Movie low key teaches a lesson about our life on this earth and how we choose to live it. What I take from the film is that you can be ordinary, but still be extraordinary, and that much is taken for granted. We are reminded to have fun, enjoy our journey through life, believe in ourselves, and fight off our villains to succeed. We don’t have much time on this earth as it is. If this is too cheesy for you, or for your kids to learn to be extraordinary and appreciative in a fun, non-forced way, you should not see this movie.



In closing, EVERYONE should see The LEGO® Movie. The story is great, the voice cast is stunning, and the film is witty, and adventurous. Now, you have no reason to deny it’s epicness. It’s out now, take the whole family, grab some popcorn and have an unforgettable evening!


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I attended a press junket for The LEGO® Movie, they took care of everything while I was there. I received on other compensation.


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