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Green Your Routine: 5 Ways To Teach Kids to Go Green

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We have decided to take small steps to go green in our family. I truly believe that if we can teach our kids to tread lightly on the earth, they will take it along with them into adulthood. You don’t have to spend a bunch of extra time or money to green your routine. Here’s what we’ve done so far:


  • Making our own natural, non-toxic cleaner – I have been making my own natural cleaner for over a year now. It is a mixture of vinegar, lemon and sometimes other essential oils and is an affordable option too disinfect multiple areas of the home.
  • Using half water during showers – Instead of using the showers and sinks with the water on full blast, we make it a point to turn down the faucet. It saves about half of the water than normal use and also saves money on our water bill. I used to get on my husband and kids’ nerves when i’d say “hey, half water!” They get it now.
  • Doing laundry in cold water – According to, it takes 85% of the washers energy to heat the water for a load of laundry. We have been washing all of our loads of clothes in cold.
  • Recycling cans and bottles – we make sure to keep our recyclables separate so we can take them to the local recycing center. This is also a great way to teach kids to work hard to earn something they really want. MJ is motivated to do this, he’s saving for a special kids club membership.
  • Reusing odds and ends – There are plenty of things around the house that can be repurposed. Before you toss your next piece of trash, see what you can do with it. Cereal boxes can turned inside out to color on, cardboard boxes become playhouses, plastic zipper bags can be rinsed and juice bottles can be used again to make fresh lemonade or orange juice.


It can be both fun and easy to get your family into living the green way. Another great advancement is that there are a bunch of companies that are following suit, making products with recycled materials and less packaging. Toilet paper is a necessity, so purchasing items from the White Cloud GreenEarth™ eco-friendly line is a big plus. It is made with 100% recycled fibers, while maintaining quality and affordability. The White Cloud GreenEarth products page has more information.


 photo 283e915c-4aee-424c-8205-4c00b06f0e8b_zps9583c3d0.jpg


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Another cool idea: when you are done using each roll of Whote Cloud GreenEarth™ toilet paper, make these DIY bird feeders, my kids had a blast! White Cloud GreenEarth products are sold exclusively at Walmart, Find a Store Near You!



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  • I use reusable bags when I grocery shop, I have efficient light bulbs and I normally wash my clothes after 6pm cause that takes less energy. And I normally hang everything up to dry except towels and sheets. And guess what? I got a letter from my energy company telling me I was one of the most energy efficient homes in the area! You think they would have given me a discount or something, huh? Hahaha…
    I also make my own body scrub. I use brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil, put that in a tupperware dish and make it into a paste. Then I rub a little bit on my body and I have a natural body scrub that leaves my skin feeling so smooth. It’s lovely. thanks for this post!

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