Guest Post: Development Stages of Your Child: What You Didn’t Know Was Happening Inside Your Belly

This is a very welcomed guest post by Janice Hill, outlining the developments of a growing baby over the course of it’s time in the womb. Super cool to know that all of this happened inside of ME!

Thirty-eight weeks is all it takes to create a small, living, breathing human being. In just that short period of time a whole human life is created from two tiny organisms. To an outsider it might appear as if not much is happening in terms of child development during those 38 weeks, but when you dissect the stages of child development in the womb and look at each milestone week by week, you will be amazed at the rate at which everything is happening.

Some developments such as heartbeat and body structure are obvious changes that are occurring but there are dozens of other events that are happening that many people do not even know about. Here is a breakdown of a pregnancy week by week so that you are able to see some of the amazing feats and accomplishments that are happening right inside the womb.

  • Conception/Week 1. The moment of existence is created at conception. During the course of the first week, the embryo will begin to plant itself into the uterus and prepare itself to start the child development process.
  • Week 2-3. The backbone and spinal cord are developing, while organs such as the liver and kidneys are form.

  • Week 4-5. Your baby will have grown up to ten times its original size. Eyes and ears will also start to form. The respiratory system is fully developed, though it is not in use yet.
  • Week 6. Brain waves start during this week. The mouth and lips will have completely formed. Tiny fingernails are also starting to make their way onto the fingers.
  • Week 7. Eyelids and a distinctive nose will form. The baby will start to move slightly by kicking and sucking its thumb.
  • Week 8. All organs and body systems are in place and cartilage will start to be replaced by stronger bone. Tiny fingerprints form and fingers can bend. A clear heartbeat can also be detected.
  • Weeks 9-10. Head movement up and down will start to begin. The baby can also hiccup and frown.
  • Weeks 11-12. Breathing will begin with the baby starting to breathe in amniotic fluid. Body structures such as the skeletal, nervous and circulatory will have developed completely.
  • Weeks 13-15. The heart is beating regularly and using several quarts of blood a day. Taste buds are also forming on the baby’s tongue.
  • Weeks 16-20. Noises can be processed during these weeks and is usually when the baby can recognize the mother’s voice. It is also the stage where the baby starts to develop a sleep pattern with dream cycles.
  • Weeks 21-27. The baby starts to breathe amniotic fluid regularly and process it through the lungs. Movement will increase and sweat/oil glands develop.
  • Weeks 28-birth. The baby is preparing for birth with an increase in antibodies and weight. The baby will also use five of its senses, know its mother and has thicker skin. Growth usually stops a week before the day of birth.
It is amazing the amount of growth and development that occurs in just a short 38 week period. Over nine months, a small, two-celled organism develops into a living, breathing human being.

By Janice Hill, a dedicated mom who is determined to find her way without losing her hair 🙂

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