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Halloween Caramel Apple Fun: Make Your Own!

We had a fun little Halloweenish project this weekend, making homemade Caramel Apples! I love this delicious, yet partially healthy treat, it is a fun little project that kids love, too. MJ and I hit the store to purchase all of the necessary ingredients:

  • 1 Bag of Caramels
  • 4-5 Fresh Apples
  • Wax Paper
  • Toppings Galore
  • Popsicle Sticks (note: the Kraft bag of caramels comes with 5)

Begin by washing the apples and inserting the popsicle sticks into the top of each one. Place a sheet of greased wax paper over a sturdy plate and set the apples down on it. Get your toppings ready, I used small plastic plates and spread the toppings out for effective rolling/dipping of the apples.

Unwrap all of those little caramels (I had MJ help me!) and microwave them in a bowl with 1 tbsp of water for 2 mintues, stopping and stirring at the 1 minute mark. Careful, the bowl will be extremely hot (learned this the hard way)! Stir the caramel until it is nice, thick and creamy. Now you are ready to DIP!

Dip your apples in the caramel as desired, then roll those sticky little things into your favorite topping. Stick them in the refigerator for an hour to set the caramel. That’s it!

MJ was an expert dipper and chose green and orange sprinkles for his apple. Mine was the Oreo apple, and Dad and Grammie both chose nuts. They didn’t come out too Halloween-like, but that is probably because of the toppings MJ chose. I suppose if you get candy corn or other Halloween themed candies and decorate with ribbon or cute little Halloween bags, you’d have the perfect Halloween treat!

Also, I would like to admit that I did scrape the caramel bowl clean once we were finished, alone. C’mon, you wouldn’t?

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