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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fun!

So I finally got a chance to catch up on things this past weekend and sat down with MJ to have some Halloween fun. I set up the pumpkins [and MJ-proofed the table] and some paints and he went to town on his little pumpkin.


Halloween Pumpkin Carving Fun!

He really likes arts and crafts and spent about 30-45 minutes painting the same pumpkin. I carved mine. I used a template from my previous post and it actually turned out really cute. Here’s how I did it:

    • I printed the template and taped it the best I could on the pumpkin. I ended up cutting the mouth off and doing it seperately. This was easier than trying to fit a rectangular paper on a round pumpkin.
    • Using a pin or tip of a knife, poke holes around the outside of each part of the face to make it visible on the pumpkin. These holes will serve as your carving guide, so make sure you can see them!
    • Ready, Set, Carve! I followed the dot pattern I made. First I cut the eyes out, then the nose, and finally the mouth. The eyes took forever since they are curved and this is probably the thickest pumpkin I have ever seen.


Here’s how it turned out. What do you think?


Can’t wait for Halloween on Saturday. Oh yea, and my little quarterback is ready too. Plans are to hit a local Kids Carnival during the day, then out at night for trick or treating! Don’t expect to hear much from me this weekend 🙂


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