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Hungry On The Go: When Your Kids ALWAYS Want A Snack

Why does it seem like my kids are always hungry? I regularly search for healthy kids snacks for my family, so I’ve partnered with Tree Top apple sauce pouches to share this post – they truly save the day!


Smart Mom Tip - Keep healthy snacks for kids in the back seat of the car to prevent hunger melt downs. Good idea, my kids always ask for snacks


Why do kids pick the absolute WORST time to want a snack? When we’re in the car and on the road, when I’m on the phone, as soon as our flight takes off, right after eating dinner or when they’re getting ready to go to bed, they ALWAYS ask for food.

All of those have happened once or twice – or 5,344 times – around here, but this is the situation that my kids’ choose as a personal favorite: when I pick them up from school. It never fails, as soon as we get into the car:

Kids: “Mom, can I have a snack?”

Me (sarcasm font): “Yes kids, I carry snacks with me in my bra. Here you go!

What gets me is that they get snacks daily at their after school programs, SO WHY ARE THEY STILL HUNGRY?! I guess they’re growing up more and more, and they need nourishment. It gets tough when I’m coming from different directions and activities to remember to bring them something, so after a while, I started to strategize.


Stock your car with Tree Top apple sauce pouches, a healthy snacks for kids


I stocked the car with healthy kids snacks.

Not just any snacks, though, but healthy kids snacks that they actually like, that don’t perish quickly, and most importantly, that they can get for themselves while I drive. Tree Top Apple sauce pouches are the perfect on the go snack idea that I don’t feel guilty about us eating. They fit perfectly in a purse, backpack, sports bag, or in my case, the back seat of my vehicle, and feed my ever growing children!

No more grumpiness.

No more whining.

No more “when can we go eat?”


Healthy Kids Snacks - Tree Top Apple sauce pouches


Tree Top apple sauce pouches are ready to eat when my kids are, and that’s exactly what I need. Made with USA grown local fruits and ingredients, these squeezable pouches are the perfect nutritious snack for us while we’re on the move – no spoon required! Take that, toddler melt downs!

Stock your car with Tree Top apple sauce pouches. Today. Trust me. DO IT.


Kids love Tree Top apple sauce pouches, a healthy on go snack


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Combatting after school hunger, one snack at a time!


Kids snack ideas, Keep Tree Top apple sauce pouches in the back seat of the car for hungry kids


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Top apple sauce pouches, one of our favorite healthy kids snacks!

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