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It’s Baseball Season! Healthy On The Go With Naked Cold Pressed Juices

Baseball season is here and it seems like we’re at the fields every day of the week! In order to stay hydrated and live a healthy on the go lifestyle, I have been taking along Naked Cold Pressed Juices, full of quality fruits and vegetables that keep my body going!

Naked Cold Pressed Juices. These are perfect for me, I love sweet drinks but need to lay off the soda! I grab one and go without visiting a juice bar, there are no added sugars or preservatives

My son has been playing baseball for 5 years, so we know the routine: 2 practices a week, 2 games a week, and a day at the batting cages. That’s a lot of time outdoors and on the go, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Temperatures are warming up and I find that it’s very practical, healthy on the go, and delicious to take along our favorite new Naked Cold Pressed Juices!

Youth baseball player

You know kids. They’re always hungry and thirsty and it’s usually at the worst possible times. When I pick up the kids from school and head to the practice field, there’s no time to stop for food. It’s a must that I stay armed with healthy snacks and drinks, and grabbing Naked Cold Pressed Juices out of the refrigerator before we leave is such a convenient way to do just that!

This is one of the easiest ways for me to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables while were on the move, especially for myself. Long, hot days in the sunshine feel so much better with a cold veggie juice. Trust me! I have given up sugary sodas and other sports drinks long ago, which is really all they sell at the snack bar. I am loving the guilt free, sweet taste of the Cool Pineapple and Bright Greens flavors!

Naked Cold Pressed Juice - Bright Greens

Naked is a trusted brand that has been making smoothies for over 30 years, they listen to the needs of their consumers and leveraged their expertise in juice making to craft 5 new flavors of fresh pressed juice. They source the highest quality ingredients available, so I have no problem allowing my kids to have a Naked Cold Pressed Juice after a practice or a game. We strive to live a healthy, active and fit lifestyle, and with no added sugar and no preservatives or GMOs, these juices fit in with our goals perfectly!

Woman drinking Naked Cold Pressed Juices on the go

Naked Cold Pressed Juices: perfect for healthy on the go lifestyles!

I absolutely LOVE watching this kid play baseball. He’s doing something he loves, and it’s so important that I support him. But sometimes, the days are long and the games are, too. Preparation is key, so if you’re headed to the baseball field this spring, consider¬†taking along¬†a few Naked Cold Pressed Juice flavors¬†– full of delicious fruits¬†and vegetables in every bottle!

Naked Cold Pressed Juice

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