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Healthy Snacks and Food Ideas for Toddlers – Toddler Ice Cube Tray Buffet

Are you looking for healthy snack and lunch ideas for kids? I’ll bet this Toddler Ice Cube Tray Buffet can do the trick! It makes for a beautiful presentation that even the pickiest young eaters can’t deny. The best part is that you can use whatever foods you’d like. How cute is this?

Many parents are looking for ways to get their kids to try new foods. Overall nutrition is important, so introducing different healthy foods and snacks are a good way to be sure your little ones are getting their vitamins. Throw in plenty of healthy snacks perfect for toddlers, I especially like the foods chosen in the picture below: strawberries, peas, corn, cucumber, blueberries, cheese, etc…

I have a few more fun and healthy recipes for kids, try out these Crunchy Peanut Butter Banana Bites and more healthy recipes for kids.

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Photo credit: Jennifer Bishop Design


  • I love this idea! I’m a pediatrician and always looking for great tips for parents. Can I use this picture in a handout I’m making to give parents? Thanks!

  • Love the idea! Could you expand on what things can go into the squares? Sorry I’m a first time mom and tend to pick the same things for my 15 month old to eat.. And not sure what’s appropriate for him to eat and not choke on

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