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Help Decide The Ending of Coca Cola’s Big Game Commercial! {Giveaway}

It’s almost time for the biggest sporting event of the year, the annual NFL Super Bowl! The Baltimore Ravens will take on the San Francisco 49ers while we enjoy the game and relish in fun, party food, and drinks aplenty. In addition to the hot, sweaty men in tight pants game, the commercials alone are quite fun to watch!

What if you could help decide upon the commercials that air during the big game? Coca Cola is giving you the chance! They’ve got an awesome game day commercial, ‘Mirage’, and it’s ready for your viewing eyes… almost. See, there’s this bottle of Coke in the middle of the desert that can be seen in the distance. A group of cowboys, a rough gang of badlanders, and a bus full of Las Vegas style showgirls are all headed for the Coke, at the same time. Once they discover each other, they get quite competitive and try to sabotage one another. The race to the bottle of Coca Cola is on!

Wonder who will win the race? Vote to decide who’s thirst should be quenched in the heat of the desert. Here’s what to do:

Watch the preliminary commercial – You can watch it right here, or visit this link to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy.

Cast your vote – Visit and help decide who’s gonna win the race! Will it be the badlanders? The showgirls? Vote for your favorite and even commit sabotage to the other opponents to delay their journey.

Await in suspense – While you’re watching the Super Bowl, pay close attention to the commercial breaks. The Coca Cola commercial will air at the end of the game, so keep an eye out and see who won!


I voted, SHOWGIRLS, baby! They are just so hot in their outfits, and there are a bunch of them on the bus who need a drink. They’ve been driving all night, let them win! Be sure to vote for your favorite, you can show your support by using the hashtags #CokeShowgirls, #CokeCowboys, or #CokeBadlanders on your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Be sure to follow along with Coca Cola’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates! What if there is a twist, like the camel crew they showed in the beginning taking their own desert short cut to the Coke?


So who are you voting for? Visit and cast your vote! When you do,  you can enter to win an awesome Coca Cola Big Game Party pack right here on this post! Come back and fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered. Contest ends February 2, 2013. Good luck!

Here’s what you’ll win (pictured above):

  • Domino’s gift card/coupons valued at $50
  • 8” Coca-Cola football
  • pizza cutter
  • galvanized party tub
  • Coca-Cola t-shirt
  • 4 Coca-Cola 16 oz. cups w/straws
  • Coca-Cola beverage products


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Disclosure: The prizes for this giveaway were furnished by The Coca-Cola Company, and The Coca-Cola Company provided promotional consideration for my participation in this program. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of The Coca-Cola Company. Prize will be fulfilled by the sponsor.



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