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Back to School Today: He’s A Second Grader!

Can somebody contact the powers that be and tell them that it’s ok to stop the time?


First day of school


It’s the first day of school! Time is flying. If it’s not enough that summer is over, I am sending off my littles to new schools this week, which means new friends, new teachers, and a new atmosphere for both of them. It’s like a whole new chapter. We’ve moved to a different area in San Diego, with better schools and a more diverse population. My little boy is getting too big, second grade is gonna look good on him. 


school bus


On his way to class. Man, he is getting so grown.


kid walking to school


MJ started this morning, eventually. After an hour wait for a mishap to get his teacher and classroom assignment, we headed over to meet his teacher and the class was already having circle time. As I walked away, I saw the teacher leading the class across campus. My son was holding up the caboose, he looked pretty handsome in his collared shirt. We’d discussed the importance of first impression and dressing accordingly and he chose the right look for his first day at school. 


kids walking in a line


Tomorrow, we’ll do it all again for my little girl. She’s definitely ready!


brother and sister ready for school


Have a great day, son!


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