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Home Need A Refresher? Family Circle Hosts Home Improvement Seminar at IKEA, San Diego!

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Are you getting tired of the same old living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom look? Do you ever look to refresh your living space without fully remodeling?

If you are in the San Diego and are into updating, sprucing up and even remodeling your home, you are in luck!




Celebrity designer and daddy Stephen Saint-Onge will be at IKEA this Sunday, March 10th in San Diego with Family Circle to showcase a Free Life Improvement Seminar. This specific session will focus on creative tips and techniques to refresh and update your kitchen, eekkk! This event is open to the public, it’s totally free and anyone can go. Also, there will be free gift giveaways, so come learn and have a good time! Hopefully we will be able to buy a home in the next few years and design our own kitchen. Should be really fun!

Here’s a video of Saint-Onge discussing ways to take simple elements and add them to your current decor to make the rooms in your home come to life!

Be sure to stop by IKEA in Mission Valley, at 2149 Fenton Parkway, San Diego, CA, on March 10th. The event starts at 1pm in the Kitchen section of the store, upper level. Visit The Life Improvement Project for more ideas and inspiration! I may be able to go, so I hope to see you all there!


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Disclosure: Family Circle and IKEA reached out to me to spread the word about this event. This post involves compensation, all opinions are my own.




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