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How Can I Make My Child Feel Comfortable Wearing Eye Glasses?

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Does anyone in your family wear eyeglasses?


Plenty of children, babies and toddlers included, are prescribed eyeglasses, many kids just do not feel comfortable wearing them. Whether they think it looks silly, think they will be teased, or feel like the glasses are getting in the way, it can be a battle to get them used to wearing them.

Do you need a little help with getting your child to wear their glasses? Here are a few tips on geting kids to wear eyeglasses:


  • Allow your child to browse different frame styles and colors, allowing her to select her own eyeglasses. Many kids love to choose their own styles of clothing and shoes, so this could apply to glasses as well.
  • Compliment them, and tell other family members nad friends to compliment them, too.
  • If you wear glasses, be sure to wear them often around your child and make comments about how well they help you see.
  • Show her a cartoon, celebrity, or other idol who wears glasses. Show her they are very normal among people everywhere.
  • Have a talk about bullies, because every school has them. Be sure your child knows that they exist, how they work to hurt others, and to come and talk to you about it if it happens in regards to her glasses.
  • Find a few children’s books about wearing glasses. Many of them are fun and may ease the unwillingness to wear them, try Amazon.


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  • Great advice thank you. My daughter just got new glasses and she is feeling a little self-conscience about them. I will have to show her pictures of TV stars she likes who were glasses. I am sure that will help her a little bit. I will also try and wear my glasses around her a little more often. I hope that can help her.

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