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Guess who’s back to their pre-pregnancy size… *wait for it*…


It has been a long and somewhat grueling process, but after 5 months, I have finally made it back to my original weight! I was hating life for a little bit. I was stretched out, overweight, hungry, and busy as hell with everything life had thrown at me, all at once. I was no longer large enough to fit my pregnancy clothing but not small enough to fit my regular clothes. People always reassured me that it was for good reason, but I still hated it!

I think the kicker for me was when I tried on one of my favorite pairs of jeans a couple of weeks back. I pulled them up, YES! But they refused to button 🙁  Yesterday I decided to give them another go… They finally buttoned, and without the whole ‘muffin top’ look! WAHOO!  I was about 140 lbs when I got pregnant and made it up to 200 lbs. by the day I gave birth to Baby Girl (docs say you should only gain 20 – 30 lbs during pregnancy, I just don’t fit that standard!). I stepped on the scale yesterday and weighed 139 lbs. I am looking to lose 4 more.

It was pretty hard to lose the extra baby weight. The first 15 lbs are a piece of cake, it’s pretty much all baby, placenta and fluids that you lose once you give birth. Then, you lose more weight as your body adjusts to not being pregnant. Then, there are those pesky last 15 – 20 pounds that seem as though they want to stay with you forever. Luckily, I was able to get back to my body after baby in 5 months, a record for me. It takes some people many months and years to accomplish this. Here is what I did (and adamantly stuck to) to lose the last of my baby weight, hopefully for good!

  • Once my doctor cleared me to work out, I hit the gym. Cardio baby! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical 4 days a week, varying the intervals each time. If you do not have access to any gym equipment, jog around your block or at your local park.
  • When I took the kids to the park, I strapped Baby Girl on me in her Ergo Baby Carrier and played with MJ on the playground. The extra weight of the baby made me work harder to climb, slide, chase MJ etc. Not only did this raise my heart rate and make me sweat, but it was darn fun!
  • I tried out the 20 Second Fitness Program, where you focus on exercising specific body parts as hard as you can go for 20 seconds a piece. Simple, right? Not really! At the end of the short time period (4-8 minutes), I was burning and sweating like a pig!
  • I do random squats and sit ups while watching tv, waiting for food to cook, and standing around where ever, as long as too many people arent around to see!
  • I ate small, light meals and snacks with fresh ingredients. No processed foods. No crackers, cookies, chips, candy or other similar snacks. I tried to steer clear of sugars and carbs, these turn into fat and I don’t want to add any more, the goal was to burn my current fat! When I cooked for my family, I did not eat any of the bread, pasta dishes, rice, potatoes, heavy sides etc.
Sample Breakfast: Spinach, Garlic and Tomato Scramble, Fresh Fruit, Eggs
Sample Snacks: Diced Turkey Breast, Hard Boiled Egg, Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced or String Cheese, Fat Free Popcorn, Grilled or Sauteed Veggies
Sample Lunch and Dinner: Taco Salad (use salsa for dressing), Open Face Sandwiches (no bread),
Vegetable/Chicken Soups, Roast or Baked Chicken/Vegetables, Chili, Souplantation and Whole Foods Salad Bar!
Beverages: Lots of Water, Tea, Flavored Water, Coffee (occasionally)
  • I treated myself to something small and sweet, once a week. I did not want to go through sugar withdrawls, I so needed this!

If you don’t want to exercise, eat sensibly and do the work, it is definitely going to be much harder for you. I think the ultimate key to any successful weight loss is sticking to the plan. Set aside time to prep your food for the day. Don’t buy those cookies on aisle 5. I know it’s hard, but YOU CAN DO THIS! I did 🙂

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