How To Cut Down Your Smartphone Bill In HALF – Goodbye Contracts, Hello Affordable Mobile Phone Service!


AT&T GoPhoneWant to know how to cut your mobile phone bill in half? I am partnering with AT&T to show you all how their GoPhone® prepaid plans make the most sense for your smartphone budget!

As summer winds down and school is almost ready to start, our family is on the go more than ever. With such busy schedules, it is important that we are able to stay connected as we move through the day. I am quite the money conscious person, budgeting each category of spending every day. I believe in quality and finding the best frugal ways to get it, so many of us are overspending on every day conveniences and we don’t have to!

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Recently, I visited the AT&T booth at our local fair and learned about AT&T GoPhone┬«, a prepaid wireless plan that allows you to stay connected while you’re on the go! I already had AT&T service, which I am pleased with, and I am so glad that I was able to cut my cellular phone bill in half. You can do it too, no high prices, no contracts that lock you in for years, only pay for the data, messaging and talk time that you actually need. Here’s how:

AT&T GoPhone booth at San Diego Del Mar Fair

AT&T GoPhone® keeps me connected, saves a bundle

  • AT&T GoPhone┬« offers prepaid mobile phone services with no annual contract, Simply refill each month at $30, $45, $55, or $60, prices you’ve probably never imagined possible! In some plans, unused data rolls over for next months use, and International talk and messaging is available, see AT&T GoPhone┬« plans here.
  • Uses the AT&T network with super strong 4G and 4G LTE service. It supports iOS, Android, Windows and other 4G enabled devices, I have been very happy with the service!
  • Here’s how I cut my phone bill in half: I have an iPhone 6, which I was paying off along with my monthly service. The cost: over $100 per month, average, plus any overage fees that I might incur. UGH. I brought my existing phone and set it up with the GoPhone┬« SIM card kit and now I’ll be paying only the cost of the $45 refill I choose!
  • No need to buy a new phone: Bring your own device and you can activate it easily with the GoPhone┬« SIM card kit! If you are with another carrier, there are plenty of affordable phone options. You’d spend a little now to save a lot on your monthly bill.

AT&T GoPhone Booth at the Del Mar Fair

I spent some time with the AT&T team at the fair and learned a lot about GoPhone┬« plans. Staying connected is important to me, but that doesn’t mean I should have to pay huge prices to do so! Think about it, how much do you pay each month for your mobile phone? What about your teens? Make sure you’re #GoodtoGo, pick your favorite AT&T GoPhone┬« plan and cut that total in half today!


AT&T GoPhone HTC Desire 610 smart phone


Pay as you go with AT&T GoPhone®, stay connected on the go, use what you need and get on with your day! Visit AT&T online to learn more.

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I am an AT&T GoPhone® ambassador and this is a sponsored post. Prize will be fulfilled by the sponsor, no response within 48 hours forfeits the prize. Opinions are my own.


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