From Mom to Chauffeur: How To Keep Kids Busy In The Car

As moms, we spend lots of time driving to and from about a thousand activities in the car. I am partnering with CLIF Kid Zbar to show you how to keep kids busy in the car and make it somewhat painless to drive!

CLIF Kid Zbars fruit and veggie are the perfect snack for kids to take with them in the car

How any activities does your family participate in on a weekly basis? Between yourself, your significant other, and your children, there could easily be 10 different things to take care of that require you to drive somewhere: morning school drop off, work, lunch, grocery shopping, soccer practice, doctors visits, out to play, a PTA meeting, a friends house, swim team practice, and so much more. Got lots of kids? More activities to drive to!

My car is actually kinda like a second home to us, we’ve got blankets and a change of clothes in the trunk, and we keep water bottles and new¬†CLIF Kid Zbar¬†Fruit & Veggie handy when we need a snack while we’re on the go. The last thing we want to hear is whining from the kids in the back seat, we can totally change how we spend time in the car. Here are a few ideas on how to keep kids busy in the car.

Stock CLIF Kid Zbar Fruit and Veggie bars in the car, the perfect snack for kids

From mom to chauffeur: How to keep kids busy in the car

Make the most of your “free time”

This one goes for kids and adults. While you’re on the road, kids can start with their homework after school and catch up with reading their favorite novel, and adult passengers can catch up on emails, make phone calls, reading, writing, and even take a quick nap if they’re tired.

Keep snacks handy

Hungry children are the absolute WORST children in the world, so arm yourself with delicious and health conscious treats. We’ve chosen to keep CLIF Kid Zbars in the car so that they are readily available whenever we need some quick snacks¬†for our next activity. We like the organic Zbars made with fruits and veggies, my¬†kids love the taste of this baked whole grain snack full of nutrition.

Kid girl eating CLIF Kid Zbar fruits and veggies bar

Drive before and after rush hour, if you can

Traffic is the worst, and it can make car rides even more grueling than they already are! I realize that school, work and some activities are at specific times, and that’s ok. When you can, plan to drive earlier or later than that crazy rush hour. In the morning, try leaving an hour ahead. You can be at your destination in about half the time and possibly drop off the kids early. If you can stay at your last activity a little later, you’ll bypass the afternoon rush to get home.

Play road trip games

When kids are busy and intrigued, they rarely think about making a fuss. Playing road trip games in the car is always a fun way to break up the boredom while driving, one of our favorite’s of how to keep kids busy in the car. We like I Spy, Road Trip Bingo, Slug Bug and the License Plate Game. You could even keep books, paper and markers, and a deck of cards in the back seat.

Rest up for the next activity

Before you get ready to go out to play, know that kids who have been at school all day can and will take a moment to just sit and enjoy the ride. Whether they read a book, listen to music, or actually fall asleep, it’s good that they get some time to rest. I totally encourage moms to take advantage of this time as well! After you drop the kids off, take a nap in the drivers seat. It’s GOLD.

CLIF Kid Zbar Fruit & Veggie Bars for kids

Made to Matter ‚Äď Handpicked by Target” is a product collection of leading natural, organic and sustainable brands. CLIF Kid Zbar Fruit & Veggie is¬†part of this collection for its¬†innovative product and simple, organic and wholesome ingredients – spinach, apple, orange, mango, beets, berries, oats and more.¬†Available in three awesome flavors, Purple Power, Keen Green and Awesome Orange, the new CLIF Kid Zbar Fruit & Veggie bars are available now at Target stores nationwide.

CLIF Kid Zbars fruit and veggie are the perfect snack for kids to take with them in the car

If you calculated the amount of time you spent in the car each day, how many of your waking hours would you have left to enjoy life? Knowing how to keep kids busy in the car makes it easy to be on the go with no issues. Keep it fun, no matter where you are – even in the car!

What’s your next adventure to get #OutToPlay?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CLIF Kid. The opinions and text are all mine.

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