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5 Ways To Make Shopping Easier With Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Sears. Wait till you read about this kid friendly, time saving shopping tip!


Mom shops with her child at the grocery store

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Got kids? Need to go shopping?


Shopping for clothing, groceries, appliances, and essentials is inevitable, but can be a challenge when you’ve got the kids in tow. Life waits for NO ONE, and there’s nothing worse than dragging multiple children, babies and toddlers especially, into a store, together. My 7 and 3 year old’s tend to feed off of each other when it comes to being loud, messy, crying, tantruming, irritating DISASTER. We’ve all been there.


toddler girl crying


I know, you all shop online to avoid this, right? Wrong. Some things can be bought online, but face it: There are times when you need the essentials and you need them NOW. You can’t avoid going to the store completely, I go twice per week. There are times when it’s super cold outside, the kiddos have the sniffles, nap time is happening in the car, you’re n a hurry, or you just don’t want to bring in the entire baby carrier inside. Don’t avoid the store: embrace it! Here’s how…


5 Ways to Make Shopping With Kids A Little Easier


1. Promise them a treat for good behavior – I always tell my kids that if they exhibit good behavior, they will be rewarded. They have to be quiet, calm and good listeners in the store, staying cles by and following directions. When they do, they get a treat!


2. Give them a job, include them in the selection process – It’s great to teach your kids how to grocery shop early, but it can keep them occupied, too! Designate certain tasks or areas of the store to each kid to make sure you get everything you need.


3. Bring snacks. Plenty. –  This works just about anywhere, I always make sure that I have fruit snacks or something in my purse and in the car for melt downs.


4. Make up some games – You can play I Spy or do a scavenger hunt while shopping. Also, try giving both kids opposite halves of the list and see who can find everything the fastest, and most efficient. Older kids can be tested on calculating the cost of groceries, and see who’s the closest to the total at check out.


5. Have it brought to you – No seriously. There are a number of grocery delivery services, but when you’re not home or already driving around with the kids, that won’t work. What about the other stuff? Busy moms benefit from Sears Shop Your Way app and In-Vehicle pick up, where you can pre-order your items and pick them up the same day! No need to exit the car, a Sears employee will bring your items to you for curbside delivery. Get what you need, when you need it, with no hassle.


Sears Shop Your Way Rewards App


I don’t know about y’all, but there are just some times where I wish I could stay in the car. I love this service, it’s the perfect concept for busy parents, elderly people, and even business professionals who are short on time. The best part about it is that you can easily buy your items on the Sears Shop Your Way app and have them brought to your car absolutely FREE! I would have loved to use this when I lived in frigid Wisconsin.


Sears Shop Your Way App on a Smartphone


How it works:


Shop Sears online or on the Shop Your Way app and add items to your cart. When it’s check out time, select “In-Vehicle Pick Up” and complete the purchase. When you pull up to the store, you initiate the “Shop In” feature on the app and someone should bring your purchases out within 5 minutes. Anything you need NOW, like household items, toys, electronics, clothing items, diapers and other baby products will be ready for you to pick up!

No more judgmental looks, folks! Watch this video about a mom who needed a little shopping help. Sears is giving #MoreToYou, check it out…



Make your next trip to the store a little easier with Sears Shop Your Way! It’s so convenient and such a time saver, get all of the brands you need at affordable prices. Tweet with @Sears using #MoreToYou, they’d love to hear from you and they just might give you more like they did in the video above!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Sears. 
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