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How To Potty Train A Toddler – 5 Tips For Surviving Potty Training

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How To Potty Train A Toddler - 5 Tips For Surviving Potty Training

I’ve been a Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partner for five years now, and during that time, I’ve confirmed one important hunch: potty training is the most labor intensive of your child’s milestones. Don’t you think?

This book will teach you how to potty train in 3 days!

It takes work to make potty training successful, but if you stick it out, you will reach the end of diapers. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all things potty, consider my top 5 tips for surviving potty training (note: these potty training your toddler jokes might help):

How To Potty Train A Toddler – 5 Tips For Surviving Potty Training

pull ups potty training your toddler1. Be consistent. This means making a plan and sticking to it, whether you’re at home or on the town. If, for example, you tell your tot to “just go in your Pull-Ups®” because you don’t want to brave the public toilet at the store, you’re sending mixed messages. Set a plan and stick with it whether you’re at home, at daycare, at Grandma’s or on the road.

2. Be patient. When learning how to potty train a toddler, you have to be patient! Maybe your neighbor’s child trained in a week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your child will. Every child trains differently, and you need to recognize what works and doesn’t work for own child. If you pressure your toddler to potty train, he might resist, causing bigger troubles down the road. (Nancy Reagan may have coined “Just say no,” but toddlers sure have perfected it.) Relax and be patient while giving your child the tools and training they need to be successful on the potty.

3. Don’t cave into peer pressure. No matter what people tell you, remember, it’s your child. Whether it’s a potty ring versus kid-sized potty, standing versus sitting for boys or rewards versus simple praise, you know what would work best for your tot. Ask friends and family to respect your potty plan, because when it comes to potty training your own child, Mommy and Daddy know best.

Potty training your toddler - poop in toddler potty

4. Expect setbacks. Even if you’ve had weeks of success at the potty, your child may experience accidents. The important thing is not to shame them. Clean it up and remind them where her pee and poop goes. Sometimes, however, you may experience more than a little accident now and then. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new house, had a baby or are in the throes of a divorce. All of these things can upset your child’s routine, causing setbacks. If that’s the case, go back to Pull-Ups and wait until life is calmer before you restart your potty training efforts.

5. Make it fun. If potty training feels like a chore for you, it’ll feel that way for your child, too. Learning how to potty train a toddler can be easier if you make it fun by reading potty books (“Everyone Poops” was a favorite with my boys) or calling a relative or friend to announce potty success. And, if your child can’t get enough of Disney’s new Toy Story 3 and The Princess and the Frog, pick up some Pull-Ups training pants to help motivate them to train this summer – they’re now available with Woody and Buzz Lightyear for boys and Tiana for girls.

Pull Ups also offers great special offers for potty training parents to help ease the process:

  • The Potty Project: Watch real life families experiencing the ups and downs of potty training
  • Free Interactive Potty Training Success DVD: Help make potty training easier with this high-impact, interactive guide to success (Side Note: MJ was a fan of this DVD last year during his potty training days).
  • Pull Ups Training Pants Printable Coupon: A money saving coupon, it was $2 last time, but I am not able to print it again yet so I am not sure of it’s current value.

Good luck with learning how to potty train a toddler!

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