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How To Prevent Bug Bites This Summer + Tips To Stop Scratching!

This  post is sponsored by the CHPA Educational Foundation/, opinions are those of Honey + Lime. Learn how to prevent bug bites and how to stop scratching bug bites with these tips and tricks. Spending time outdoors in the summer means that insects will be in the mix, so be prepared!

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This summer, outdoor activities such as backyard BBQ’s, beach days, camping trips, and days by the lake all come with one thing: BUGS. Whether you’re around fleas, mosquitos, mites, ticks, or spiders, chances are that any of these insect bites will not be fun. I am so glad has some good tips and tricks for dealing with bug bites!

I don’t know what it is, but I am the one in the family who attracts all of the bugs. My kids do end up with a little bite here and there by the end of the summer, but it seems like the mosquitos and spiders love me! I am NOT flattered. Insect bites can be annoying and even trigger an allergic reaction, so it is important to learn how you can prevent bug bites and what you need to help you stop scratching bug bites if you already have them.

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How To Prevent Bug Bites This Summer + Tips To Stop Scratching

When it comes to avoiding bug bites, prevention is key. It is so hard to watch my kids struggle with the pain and itching, so we have to prevent them! Here are some ways you can learn how to prevent bug bites the next time you head outdoors this summer.

Use an insect repellent with DEET

Applying a bug repellent spray with DEET is the most effective bug bite prevention method! DEET is a safe, active ingredient in many bug sprays with a smell that mosquitos and other insects hate. Spray onto your clothes and healthy skin 15-20 minute before heading out for the day. It works WONDERS. Do not use bug repellent on infants, please read the label carefully for use instructions and age recommendations. Here is some information about choosing an insect repellent for your child, as well as medicine poison prevention tips for parents

Keep doors and windows without screens closed at home

It is very tempting to leave the doors wide open to circulate fresh air, but the bugs will find their way in, too! Keep doors and windows closed unless they are screened, especially over night while you sleep. Also, this is a good time to check your screens and make sure they are secure to the edges of the frame and do not have any holes that insects can creep in through.

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Head indoors during peak times when bugs are present

If you haven’t noticed, mosquitos and other insects really start to come out at dusk then again at dawn. This is especially true if your near water, the sun is setting and it’s time for those bugs to eat while us humans are still outside. We love to play outside and exercise when the sun goes down, so this is a bummer for us. If you want to know how to prevent bug bites, try staying indoors during this time of day.

Wear long sleeves and pants when possible

Avoid an itchy bug bite with long sleeved shirts and pants to protect the skin in those areas. Some materials cannot be penetrated by insects when they try to bite. Combine this and the bug repellent mentioned above and you’re almost unstoppable!

Avoid using scented shampoos, soaps, and perfumes

Some scented beauty products actually attract insects! This includes shampoos, conditioners, body wash, perfume, and other products we use often. If you’re going to participate in an outside activity such as camping or sports, use unscented products to help with bug bite prevention.

How to prevent bug bites this summer, bug bite prevention tips and tricks to stop scratching

Stop scratching bug bites if you already have one!

If you’ve already gotten an insect bite, the worst thing you can do is scratch it. I know, it’s hard not to! Anytime my kids get a bite, they rip it open overnight and it makes it so much worse. You can prevent further irritation from scratching those itchy bug bites by using an over the counter allergy medicine, such as diphenhydramine. This is a medicine that comes in topical and oral form that helps to treat pain and itching symptoms from insect bites and other cuts and scrapes. It’s also safe to use an over the counter topical hydrocortisone cream on bites that aren’t scratched open. Additionally, cutting down and filing your child’s nails and covering existing bug bites with a bandage might help them stop scratching bug bites. Here is some information about skin protectants from, an excellent resource to help deal with skin discomfort and inflammation.

Have fun, stay safe, and bug bite free this summer!

For more information about dealing with bug bites and how to stop scratching them, visit the skin protectant page. Also, make sure you read the labels carefully on all over the counter medicines and ointments for safe use. Visit and follow along with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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This post is sponsored by CHPA/, opinions are those of Honey + Lime.

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