How To Stay Organized As A Mom When Life Is Super Busy

Life has been super busy these days, and I keeping everything in order can be quite the task. I am partnering with Sharpie to share some ideas on how to stay organized as a mom.

How to stay organized as a mom when life is super busy

Life as a mom is the busiest life I have ever known! Since school has started, attempting to juggle my work, writing this blog, the kids’ homework, extracurricular activities, doctors appointments, field trips, school awards ceremonies, and family time has been a task – a HUGE, exhausting task. The amount of things we’ve got happening on a daily basis is insane and can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve lived and learned a little and I think I can say that I’ve got it figured out.

How To Stay Organized As A Mom When Life Is Super Busy

When I was a new mom, I felt like I was all over the place. It has been a while, and I realized that establishing a routine to organize and fit everyone’s busy schedules is the only way to go. I have really, REALLY been trying to keep things together, and I think it’s working! When it feels like you have a million things to do, remember these ideas of how to stay organized as a mom. Here’s my #1 tip:



Literally, everything. When you’re juggling so many things, it’s almost inevitable to forget something. I use my smart phone calendar for my entire schedule, complete with dates, times, notes, and I set alerts to remind me days and hours in advance. I also write down activities, travel, and work deadlines on my running to-do list note pad, which is a life saver. I organize it by the week each Sunday, that way I know what’s coming and I can possibly plan ahead. 


So this week, I have two deadlines, two work events, a doctors appointment, a baseball practice, a baseball game, a kindergarten field trip, and an open house. This is all saved in my calendar on my phone, and I have the school events stuck to the refrigerator. I could never remember this on my own! Also – I use sticky notes all over the house. 


I also started to label everything. 

One of the things that surprised me was labeling stuff. I’ve never been big on labeling items, but once school supplies and baseball gloves start to go missing, break out the Sharpies! This is a great way for kids to remember to grab their back packs, lunch boxes, rulers, balls, bags, cleats, coats, and other things. It’s like a light bulb goes off in their heads when they see their initials on them!



Sharpie Extreme markers are fade resistant, so no matter what you’re using them for, they will last for the long term. I wanted to put these markers to the test, and so far, they’re holding up quite well. No matter where my son throws his baseball glove, or how many times my daughter shoves her lunch box into her backpack, their initials have stayed. It wasn’t a big deal to me before, but learning how to stay organized as a mom made me see that labeling our belongings means less confusion, less issues, and less stress. Goal, met!


I am working on a family command center

A visual calendar on the wall works wonders for me, so I am going to implement this soon. This is a work in progress, I will also be using the Sharpie Extreme pens to color code our calendar and family to-do list for each family member. My daughter will be blue, my son will be green (their favorite colors), and I will be red. After putting these permanent markers to the test on our school supplies, travel bags, and sports equipment, I know that these will work great for the family command center and last a long time. 


You can do this, mama!

See those two kids pictured above, smiling at school with their labeled back packs? We’re organizing our lives and making it happen, people! I know, it IS tough to stay on top of everything. The first step is learning how to stay organized as a mom, and if I can do it, you definitely can! Try writing everything down, use that smart phone calendar, label your kids’ stuff, and create a family command center to give your kids a visual to take some responsibility for their own activities. Once you get it all down, you’ll see the stress melt away and a streamlined day!

How do you keep your family organized?

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  • Really interesting article! In our time, I believe that every mother should be organized to have time to do everything around the house, raise children, be a good wife. Many of my friends even sign up for time management courses to learn how to properly distribute their plans for the day so that they have free time for themselves. I believe that it is very important that mothers have free time for rest, entertainment, makeup, etc. Because they get tired, and they give 100% to make their family happy. Thank you for sharing this type of content!

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