I Love NYC

New York City


I recently returned home from a quick trip to New York, there’s just something about the bustling city life that I love to be immersed in! So many unique things to see, do, eat, and experience.


I took a few shots with my iPhone while I was there, take a look:


Arial View of New York City

An aerial view of New York City, flying into NYC La Guardia airport


New York Subway Sign

Subway entrance sign.


New York Empire State Building

We drove by the Empire State Building!


New York DREAM Hotel, Downtown

Gorgeous pool view at the Dream Hotel, Downtown New York.


Houses in Queens, New York

A few unique homes in Queens, New York.


Fresh Lobsters, Chelsea Market, New York

Delicious whole lobster and tons of fresh, tasty seafood at the Chelsea Market  in Chelsea, New York.


Gelato in Chelsea Market, New York

Gelato, I was in food heaven at Chelsea Market!


What do you love about New York?


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