If I Am Ever Pregnant Again…

It was absolutely glorious being pregnant.

 Deanna Underwood, pregnant in 2010


See, I had two great pregnancies, no nausea, constipation, cramping, fatigue, or any major issues. I was glowing and loved the way I looked. People, I mean, complete strangers, looked at me with this sort of ‘awe’, as if I were the chosen one. Even my husband gave me more attention, and I was all for that! People didn’t expect so much out of me.


Pure Prenatal Vitamins


The best part, besides the births of my babies, was the fact I took better care of my body. It was a joyous time. I was bringing a new life into this world, so I had to act right. I made sure to exercise (until I had this slight pregnancy complication with my second) and concentrated on eating a balanced diet, I loaded up with fruits and vegetables and took my prenatal vitamins like clock work! I worked until I went into labor and even had the luxury of a maid coming to clean the house when I was near term.


I always said i’d be a wife and mother to three kids. I have two now, and oh MY, the amount of overwhelmed just doesn’t come with the words to describe it! The amount of work and time and love and attention and sweat and tears and housekeeping and PHEW that is involved is no joke. I had NO. CLUE. So if I were to be pregnant again and have another baby, there would have to be some strict ordinance in place.


If I were ever to be pregnant again…


I’d need to work only part time, I need more balance. Listen, I don’t mind working, but three kids and everything that comes with it is a full time job in itself! Right now, I have a full time job and write this blog part time, and I am already overwhelmed. There is absolutely no way that I could balance another child with this schedule.


I would wake up my workout routine, because right now, it’s very mediocre. I do not belong to a gym or have a home that can fit a treadmill, so short jogs and walks around the block and the playground are it for me. I need to get at least 3 days per week in, before and during pregnancy


I would eat as I did before, but BETTER. I still had the occasional treat, and I still will. I think I can limit my sugar intake a bit more and trust in my prenatal pills to provide the extra vitamins I need. I recently learned about Pure Prenatal, an organic, non-GMO, vegetarian prenatal vitamin made with 35 organic fruits and veggies. This vitamin is made with highest quality ingredients and is specifically formulated for pregnancy, to support your baby’s fetal health and development.


prenatal pills


I actually tried the Pure Prenatal vitamins out, they are capsules that come filled with grayish green color mix of vitamins. There is not much of a taste to them, but I tend to swallow them whole without trying to. I can eat as healthy as possible, but this prenatal vitamin will guarantee that I don’t miss out on any necessary nutrients. The serving size is 3 capsules per day, which I would prefer to take only one. I guess it’s not that big of a deal if you take one at each meal time. I would recommend these, organic, no additives, complete nutrition.


Here’s to a healthy pregnancy, if I ever have another baby! Fingers crossed that things change in my life, I would love a third. Visit for more information on Pure Prenatal vitamins.


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