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In The Trenches of Motherhood: The Truth About Toddlers


Toddler days can be so fun! They love to play, laugh, explore, sing and dance, and absorb their environments like little sponges.

I am relishing these days, who knows when my baby will stop willingly give me hugs-a-plenty and mushy kisses? It goes by way too fast, so I will thoroughly enjoy every moment. So innocent. So inquisitive. So sweet.


And then, you tell her NO…


toddler girl crying


I intervene, offer suggestions, she calms down a little.


toddler crying terrible twos


It was a no-go, so the screams commenced…


crying toddler


The horror! How did my sweet little girl turn into such a menace at the drop of a hat? What happened to my happy, giggling princess? This lasted for a good 10 minutes. I don’t even remember what she wanted, I eventually had to ignore her and walk away.


This is starting to happen everywhere. Stores. School. Even at MJ’s basketball games. I had to drag her off of the court as she laid out screaming since I told her it wasn’t her turn to play. OY. This, too, shall pass.


This is the terrible two’s, people!


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  • Lol, I know how that is! My oldest daughter is 5 and will still throw a tantrum on occasion if she doesn’t get enough sleep. The two’s and three’s were the world though! My youngest daughter is almost 4 and she never throws tantrums. They have such different personalities, it’s crazy!

  • This post came right on time! My little sweetie peetie is the same way! Today she had a fit over a step stool, which mind you was right I front of her. She was balling and telling us to leave her alone even though we were trying to help. Eventually like you I walked away, then came back, picked her up and cuddled with her with the step stool in my hand. I mean usually she’s a walk in the park, however her little fits can be frustrating.

  • Terrible twos are no fun but this phase shall pass. I wrote a post about this same topic about a week ago. My son is 2 as well and he started throwing fits more when he moved up to a new room at daycare. It’s frustrating but toddlers are human and figuring out that they are their own person with their own voice. Try giving her opportunities to choose instead of constantly tell her no. We started doing this at our house and it is working fairly well.

    • Yes, it shall pass! We normally give her an option, but I remember that it was nap time and NO was the answer. It could have been a request for candy, she does that a lot. I wish I could remember exactly what she wanted! She’s got to learn to understand why we say ‘no’ we always tell her the reason. Baby steps!

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