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Indoor Activites for Kids | Have A Pretend Campout!

With the Fall season in full swing, it’s starting to get quite cold out across the country! If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids indoors, this pretend campout might just do the trick! This is a great guest post from My Baby Clothes, We went camping last summer and MJ loved it, so I know he’s gonna love this idea.

If the weather will not cooperate or you do not have the gear for an outdoor camping trip, then a pretend campout may be just what your family needs to do this weekend!

Our kids have been begging to go camping for a while now. It was simply too hot and we had a newborn, so it wasn’t the right timing and now the temps are dropping at night so the request just hasn’t been possible. I knew it wouldn’t be the same to bring it indoors, but I did want to do something special that would be a fun time for them.

We decided to do a pretend campout right inside our house. We drug all the sleeping bags out to the living room and they made a tent for us to sleep in using sheets and blankets. We got some sticks from outside and make a pretend fire outside our tent. I cooked smores in the kitchen and we sat around our pretend fire and ate our smores. We turned off all the lights and only used flashlights to have a real outdoors feel.

The key to make it feel as real as possible was to not turn on anything electronic like lights, televisions, or radios. It was a great opportunity to spend quality time with our kids without interruption. After our smores snack, we all tucked into our sleeping bags with our flashlights and took turns telling stories.

After the children were sound asleep, my husband and I moved to the couches for a more comfortable campout! They had a blast and while it wasn’t the experience of a real outdoor campout, they had a fantastic time and made lots of fun memories.

Gillian Eberhart is a mom to three wonderful children and loves making memories with them that they will cherish for a life time. During her spare time, Gillian enjoys writing for My Baby Clothes dot com and sharing these wonderful memories with other parents. Fall has arrived and you can get your little ones dressed for outside time by taking a look at the wonderful selection of baby clothes, baby hats and even the perfect baby headbands.

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