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Japanese Cuisine: 3 Unique, Mouthwatering Foods To Try While Visiting Japan

You all remember where I shared the reasons I want to take my family to visit Japan? I am partnering with Tsunagu Japan on a sponsored campaign to share why Japan is on my travel bucket list as a must visit destination, today’s discussion: FOOD.


Japanese food, Tsunagu Japan


I have been reading Tsunagu Japan‘s articles about Japan, and I am getting the itch to plan a vacation there! There is so much beauty, within their culture, scenery, architecture, and their way of life. There is one thing that fuels my fire when it comes to travel, and that is tasting all of the different foods. Japanese food is much more than cute, it’s absolutely delicious!


Japanese bento box, Tsunagu Japan


Sure, you’ve heard of sushi and rice, but that’s not all that Japan is known for. There are so many unique Japanese foods that I would love to try, the authentic versions in Japan. If you visit the Japanese food page on Tsunagu japan website, you’ll find lots of different traditional foods to try and restaurant recommendations when you visit Japan. Here are the top 3 foods that I can’t wait to try in japan, and that you should try also!


3 Mouthwatering Foods To Try In Japan


eel Japanese food, Tsunagu Japan


UNAGI (eel)

“You’re eating EEL?” This was my initial reaction when I learned that propel actually eat eels. Eat eels? Have you seen the face of one? UGH. Anyway, I was completely against all things eel until I unknowingly had some in a sushi roll I ordered. Oh, my, yum. They are freshwater eel that is served in many Japanese dishes and is cooked well. You can eat it in sushi, nigiri, served over rice, or in a salad, or even have an unagi steak. 


japanese udon, Tsunagu Japan


UDON (noodle soup)

Noodle lovers will flourish in Japan. Udon is one of my favorites, it’s a thick noodle made of wheat flour, which can be garnished in so many ways! One of my favorite styles of udon comes in the form of a hot noodle soup in a miso like broth, covered in vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, and scallions. This is the perfect warm winter meal, I can just imagine indulging in Japan. Appaernetly there is a chain restaurant called Tsurutontan that has tons of udon combinations. Count me in!




KATSU CURRY (chicken)

This is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Curry itself is one of the most popular dishes in japan, but katsu curry involves panko breaded chicken cutlets, baked or fried, drenched in curry sauce and oh so delicious! Served over rice and vegetables, katsu curry is a warm, filling meal that will excite your taste buds. It can also be made with pork, but we’re a chicken family. I can’t wait to try authentic katsu curry in Japan! See what other products are made with Japanese curry.


Let’s visit Japan, and EAT!


Now i’m hungry! Whether you’ve visiting Japan for their food, culture, or gorgeous scenery, there is something for everyone to love. Learn more about Japan at Tsunagu Japan, your one stop shop for everything you need to know about the destination. Now the hard part: which city should we visit, and what should we eat first?


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