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Making It Count – Learn How To Make Memories With Your Family

Time is ticking by super fast, and we’ve been inspired¬†by UP TV’s Bringing Up Bates to write a sponsored post to share the many ways that you can make memories with your family.

Make it count - Learn how to make memories with your family

With such busy days we tend to have, it can be tough to spend quality time with our families. Everyone seems to be pulled in different directions, and the kids are growing up so fast that we are really trying to take advantage of the time we do have. The Bates family on the show Bringing Up Bates is such an inspiration to me, they are such a fun, large family with 19 children that embraces moments that count. I just LOVE that UP has decided to bring back the show for it’s 4th season, it comes on Thursday nights at 9pm!

bringing-up-bates baby is born

Making memories with your family isn’t always easy, but I think the key is to find something you all love and give your undivided attention to it. This means no working, phone calls, answering emails, cooking or cleaning, and anything else that would distract your attention during those moments. Here’s what we love to do:

Make it count – how to make memories with your family


Visiting new places is one of our favorite past times, and a great way to make memories with your family. Whether we’re road tripping up the coast of California, or hopping on a flight across the country, we find that navigating new destinations together opens up our minds and inspires wonder and awe. We’ve been on airplanes, in hotels, on ships, on trains, camping, and when we look back at photos and remember some of the coolest moments, we remember who we were with – such great memories!


Kids love to play, and they love it even more when mom and dad join in and play with them! I started to set aside time to play with my kids, their choice. Get outside, play a sport, create an obstacle course, or even go swimming and play marco polo at the pool!

Bringing up Bates boys


Take your family to a local homeless shelter, church, or other organization and volunteer your time together. Teach your children important lessons of compassion and care, and help people in the process, your kids will learn to feel the true meaning of a warm heart. There’s nothing like helping others and building memories at the same time!


Get outside in your own neighborhood and explore. What do you see? Hear? Can you catch butterflies? Snails? Are there secret passageways on that nature hike you go on? Have you always wanted to go strawberry picking? You can do all of these things and more, together.

Create something

Does your little guy love building with LEGO blocks? Do the kids like building pillow forts in the living room? The whole family can participate in these activities, because who doesn’t want to put together a science experiment and see a volcano erupt?!

Watch your favorite shows

When it comes to entertainment, we have a few go to movies and TV show that we love to watch. Bringing Up Bates is one of our new favorites, through laughter, tears, joy, fear, pain, failure, and success, I just love that they represent real families. Through the good times and the bad, the Bates family definitely takes the time to make every moment count.

Bringing Up Bates, UP Tv

Don’t miss Bringing Up Bates on UP Tv, Thursdays at 9pm EST. There are so many moments to share, and I love watching their family enjoy life and all that it brings! The Bates are such genuine people who serve as positive examples of what a family looks like, no matter what size. Enjoy your time, make¬†memories with your family!

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This post is sponsored by Up TV for Bringing Up Bates, opinions are my own.

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  • Oh I have never watched that show…I need to check it out! Looks so good! I love your ideas for exploring your neighborhhood and the obstacle course! Erupting a volcano would be so fun too! We help raise monarchs in the summer…so we are so excited for them to arrive here. Last year we released over 100! So much fun and great family memories!

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