Do you believe in Karma?




I do, in theory. I’ve seen it in action, and it can give you a firm slap in the face. You can’t pretend that you were blind sided, because you knew all along that it wasn’t right to begin with. It’s almost like you expected Karma to come to your house, pour you a glass of wine, and just as you settle in, whap!

But that didn’t matter. You do what you want to do, when you want to do it. No matter the cost.

what goes around comes aroundHow many people can resonate with that? Probably all of us, at one point of our lives. Some on a smaller scale, like stealing make up as a teen from Rite Aid (yes, this was me) or cracking jokes on another kid at school for laughs, while others are on a Grand Canyon sized scale, such as abuse, rape and even murder. Completely life changing for all parties involved.

Today is one of those blah days when I question life and what it means, what it’s worth. I tend to do this when life looks bleak and things aren’t going my way. Out of the many things we worry about, careers, possessions, social status, and other superficial crap, we tend to make these things a priority over our true, every day lives. “It’s harmless”, you think, and instantly gratifying, so why not? And just like that, just when you think everything is great, Karma will come rearing her ugly head.

Karma is a theory, the good ol’ “what goes around, comes around”, and can come in many forms. You can be plagued with guilt. You can get much needed help from someone you’ve helped in the past. Someone may retaliate against you. The neighbors lonely child you help out today may be the same one who pushes your wheelchair in 30 years. You can be affected NOW by something you’ve done 8 years ago. Karma is cause and effect, there is always a consequence to every action. Don’t you want a positive one?

How many chances do you expect to get? How many lives do you have to live?

If you think your life falls into the mundane category, ask yourself why. How did it get that way? What more do you think you need? Because this is the life YOU built. So why not do positive things to make changes and shake it up with the people you’re in it with? What kind of person do you want to be, do you want to be seen as? What example do you want to set for your children? When you can, turn negatives into positives instead of fleeing from your problems. They will definitely be there when you come back.

So be a good person, and teach your sons and daughters to be good people as well. Love each other. Support each other. Through thick and thin. When times are great and when times are tough. Parent with Karma in mind. Think beyond yourself and your petty gratifications for a moment, because you never know who or what you might be hurting. Encourage one another.


That’s good Karma.


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  • I live life with karma in mind in all aspects. We certainly get what we put out into the universe 90% of the time. It’s always been my goal to raise my children with the mindset of being caring, kind and compassionate to others. It takes less energy to the right thing than to do the wrong thing. A lot people probably don’t think about karma as much as they should as is evident through watching the news, but I wish they did.

  • I don’t believe in Karma but I do believe in what the Bible says about you reap what you sow. I think that is a universal truth that always comes true. I practice kindness in my daily life to the point it’s now just a habit that I don’t want to break. Sometimes people appreciate it, sometimes they don’t. But I am kind and nice because I know it’s how I’m supposed to be. When you strive to be nice, people notice and you build for yourself a lovely reputation and that makes me feel good.

  • I believe in doing the right thing withour “motive”. Not that I am perfect or always successful at it, but that is what I belive and strive for. A reward of “good karma” would be a bonus anytime if it exists, but I don’t make my decisions of what is right or wrong based on what I might or might not get back for it, even in the form of karma.
    Do I think it exists? Hmmm, I don’t know. Sometimes it seems to and other times it really doesn’t seem to. I know someone who lives off of state benefits & does very little to pay the community back. He has a 2 hour volunteer commitment to help the community once a week. He blew off his volunteer commitment today and stranded this orginazition just because he felt lazy. He went to play bingo instead, and he won, argh! Karma had the opposite effect on him today.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I love that you try to do right without expecting anything in return. Shouldn’t we all be that way?!

      Your friend just happened to get lucky that day, which had nothing to do with his ducking out on his service commitments. Think of it this way: What if the state finds that he is not upholding his obligations to receive state assistance, and they decide to cut him off? Or what if the volunteer service coordinator ends up being an interviewer for a future job he applies for? It comes back around.

      Keep up the good work and I am sure those bonuses will continue flying in!

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