Step Into 2016 and KEEP Your Fitness Resolutions For The New Year


Ahhhhh why is it almost 2016?! Have any new years resolutions? I am partnering with Sears Connected Solutions to kick start my new year in an easy, stress-free way with their smart technology, keeping me on track with my fitness goals!


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I make a new years resolution at the beginning of every year, like so many other hopefuls, and tend to stick to it for a few weeks. I sucked – until this past year, that is. 2015 was the year that I told myself I would become more active and clean up my eating. Guess what? I DID IT. I was sooooo determined, I had to teach myself how to start working out again after a while, I hadn’t really been active since giving birth to my daughter in 2011.


Throughout the year, I’ve been able to work out 3-4 days per week, sometimes in the gym, sometimes outdoors, and I started watching my daily caloric intake and reduced the amount of sugar I consume. I can honestly say that I feel more awake, energetic, and I’ve even slimmed out a little bit in the mid section. I call that a WIN!


What about 2016? This year, I’m stepping it up a notch.


FitBit Zip Wearable Activity Tracker


I stopped by my local Sears Connected Solutions to check out all of the smart products, they have so many different things that will totally make life easier. From fitness activity wearables, to smart scales and even sleep trackers, Sears is helping me stay on track with my fitness progress and personal goals!


FitBit Zip activity monitor, calories burned


I bought the FitBit Zip, a small, wearable activity monitor that keeps track of all of your daily activity. Can I just say that I love this little thing? You connect it to the FitBit app on your smartphone (super easy set up) and clip that bad boy onto your waist band. Set goals and check the app on your phone throughout the day to see how far you’ve gone, how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned!


FitBit Zip on the waist, steps taken


The FitBit Zip has a place to track your work outs, too. Although I get in a weekly 6-8 miles of cardio and lift weights a few days per week,  I want to do more. My upper body strength is complete crap and I would like to reduce my average mile time from 14 minutes down to 10-12. Calories burned are calories earned!


FitBit app


Sears Connected Solutions helps to streamline your life

Sears Connected Solutions, Smart Technology, Simple Solutions

Sears has a Connected Solutions flagship store in San Bruno, California, where you can find the best simple solutions that help you take control of your agenda. Take a virtual tour of the San Bruno, CA flagship store online, learn about all of the products, order what you love and visit your local Sears store as well.


Sears Connected Solutions has a wide range of smart products you will enjoy, they’re made for the average American, no fancy set up needed. From smart home automation and security, entertainment streaming, wireless solutions and fitness activity monitors, Sears Connected Solutions has products you can use to streamline your routine and put YOU in control. Life, at your finger tips!


Smart products offered by Sears Connected Solutions


As I eat a slice of pecan pie, I’m thinking about 2016 and all of the joyful moments it has to offer. Hey, I can have some sweets, it’s all about moderation! Although I have a roof over my head, food on my table, a loving family and my health, this year has been pretty rough for me. 2016 will be better. Much better. I am optimistic. YES I AM.


Win a $100 Sears Gift Card for Your New Years Resolution!


One lucky reader will win a $100 Sears gift card to make their new years resolutions easier with some smart solutions of their own. Choose from the products online or stop by your local Sears store and have at it! Contest ends December 22, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. All entries will be verified, and prizes will be provided by the sponsor. Good luck!


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Here’s to staying fit in 2016!


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