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Kellogg’s Cereal Bar: Nutritious After School Snacking, Without The Guilt!

Every time I pick up my kids from school, they ask for one specific thing: FOOD. Why are they always so hungry? Are they growing or something? Do I really NEED to feed them everyday? Ugh!

Bowl of Kelloggs Raisin Bran with fruit, yogurt, and almonds


I can’t be the only parent who has to figure out food, fast, after school, so I thought i’d share our latest snack idea. I am tired of the excess of sugar, fat and dullness of nutrition in fruit snacks, chips and crackers. I was faced with a dilemma, so I had to ask “what’s quick, tasty and nutritious that can change up our after school snack habits?” A cereal bar it is!

Create your own Kellogg’s cereal bar for snack time!

Kelloggs Cereals

We always have Kellogg’s cereals on deck for breakfast, but have you ever thought about eating cereal in the middle of the day or at night? Think about it, when you combine the whole grains from the cereal, protein from milk, and plenty of other vitamins from fresh fruit, you’re getting a nutritious and balanced bowl that is perfect for an afternoon snack!

Fresh berries

It’s super easy to put together, you’ll pick up your favorite Kellogg’s cereals, fresh fruits, nuts, spices and milk, and set them out for the kids to get creative with their snack bowl. We prefer Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies and Frosted Mini Wheats, so I had those selections out with a few toppings for the kids to choose from. This time, we had almonds, fresh berries, Greek yogurt and almond milk.

Other cereal toppings you could use: cranberries, raisins, diced apples, coconut flakes, cinnamon, oats, walnuts, strawberries, chocolate chips, you can pretty much use whatever you have.

For some reason, they love their food more when they make it themselves! My son chose Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, then loaded it up with wholesome goodness…

Snack time made easy, kid pouring Kelloggs Raisin Bran

Boy eating cereal

Little sister had to get in on the fun, she also chose Raisin Bran, and topped it with Greek yogurt and berries…

Kids making cereal and yogurt parfaits for a nutritious snack

Then she caught me taking a photo of her eating and smiled!

Girl eating cereal and yogurt, a guilt free snack

They loved it, y’all. LOVED IT. It was gone in minutes, and when they asked for seconds, I had absolutely no reservations. Cereal, milk and fresh fruit are such a great combo, they work together to refuel your body morning, mid-day, and night!

What’s will you put in your nutritious cereal snack?

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Disclosure: I am partnering with Kellogg’s for the Champions of Great Starts program for 2014. Although compensated, all opinions expressed are my own.

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